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Author's take on David and Goliath is a reminder there is more to a person than a label
"Don't Vote for Me" is by Krista Van Dolzer. - photo by Hikari Loftus
"DON'T VOTE FOR ME," by Krista Van Dolzer, Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, $15.99, 226 pages (f) (ages 10 and up)

David, a self-proclaimed band geek, isnt overly concerned when he makes an impromptu stand against reigning class queen Veronica Pritchard-Pratt in front of the election sign-up sheet.

But word travels fast about Davids challenging words in the novel Dont Vote for Me. Veronica not only hears about it but also calls him out: If David thinks she isnt good enough to be class president, why doesnt he join the race?

To make matters worse, Davids band teacher has just assigned him and Veronica a duet for the upcoming band recital. Spending time with the all-too-perfect Veronica for the next couple of weeks isnt Davids idea of a good time.

However, the love of music trumps loathing for Veronica and David, and its not long after the pair begins spending time practicing for the recital that David learns what its like to be Veronica. And it isnt only Veronica he starts to understand differently; one of the class bullies has a story, too.

Soon, David is less concerned about the presidential race and more concerned about what hes come to understand about his opponent.

Krista Van Dolzer follows her wonderful debut "The Sound of Life and Everything" with another great story. Dont Vote for Me mixes an important message with humor and honest, believable characters.

Davids clever and witty voice makes his journey, aided by his patient and understanding parents, not only fun to read but also easily relatable. Van Dolzers play on David and Goliath reminds readers not to judge others too quickly, and that what you see on the outside, doesnt always reflect whats really going on inside.

Dont Vote for Me, which is scheduled to be released Aug. 4, contains no swearing, violence or sexual content.
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