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Amazon adding two new cashier-free stores to these cities
The Seattle Times reported there were two new job listings for Amazon Go store managers in San Francisco and Chicago. Amazon did not say when the two stores would open. - photo by Herb Scribner
Amazon is bringing its cashier-free Amazon Go stores to two new U.S. cities.

The Seattle Times reported two new job listings for Amazon Go store managers in San Francisco and Chicago.

The retail company said it plans to bring the stores to both cities, confirming earlier reports the company was hoping to expand its stores, according to CNN.

The only other Amazon Go store is located in Seattle on the campus of Amazons headquarters. The store opened to the public in January.

Amazon did not say when the two new stories will open.

The stores represent the latest step in cutting-edge store technology. As CNN explained, Amazon Go uses cameras and sensors to keep an eye on customers and inventory, which keeps people from stealing. Shoppers use an Amazon Go app to enter the store. Any items they pick up will be charged to their Amazon account.

The store does not include any cashiers.

However, the stores hire managers and people to restock shelves and keep inventory. Humans also help the store read IDs for those buying wine and extra security.

Amazon has had its mind on these stores for years, according to Forbes Ryan Mac, who said the company has researched the easiest way to let people pay without the need to speak with a cashier.

Amazon entered the grocery-shopping market when it purchased Whole Foods for $13.4 billion in 2017.

The company also launched an e-commerce store called Amazon Fresh. For a $14.99 per month fee, customers can order groceries online and have them shipped to their house, according to the Deseret News.

Shopping rival Wal-Mart also hopes to enter the tech-based shopping game. According to the Deseret News, Wal-Mart recently filed patents for smart shopping carts, wrist-based wearable devices and drones and robots that can help keep track of inventory.

Its possible this is a play towards cashier-less shopping, like the kind Amazon is increasingly rolling out with its Amazon Go locations, according to Gizmodo.
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