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A Shakespearean tale: Babies Romeo and Juliet born 18 hours apart at same hospital
Its a tale that would make the Bard himself smile. Two babies born hours apart at the same hospital bear the names of Shakespeare's most famous lovers. - photo by Jessica Ivins
HARDEEVILLE, S.C. Its a tale that would make the Bard himself smile.

Little Romeo Hernandez was born March 19 at a South Carolina hospital, and he didnt have to wait long to meet his Juliet, according to Today. A little over 18 hours later, Juliet Shifflett entered the world with the help of the same doctor who delivered baby Romeo in the room just next door.

Adding to the magic of the coincidence, the parents of the star-crossed babies had never met and had both chosen their childrens names months before the births, according to KTRK News.

Its funny because we didnt even name him Romeo after Shakespeare, Romeos mom, Morgan Hernandez, told KTRK. We named him after a singer named Romeo Santos who my husband and I both love.

Little Juliets name was inspired by the television show Psych, her mother, Christiana Shifflett, told ABC News.

"We wanted a J name to go with our sons name, Jonas, she said.

The hospitals photographer, Cassie Clayshulte, snapped a few photos of the star-crossed babies side by side in the nursery and posted them to her Facebook page.

Both babies have full heads of hair and already make the cutest couple! Clayshulte wrote in the post, which quickly went viral. As of Tuesday morning, it had more than 6,000 likes and 1,500 shares.

A heavenly match, wrote one commenter.

Last Friday, less than a week after their Shakespearean entrance, the babies paid a visit to Clayshultes studio for a shoot worthy of their story, Today reported. Baby Romeo wore a crown, while his Juliet donned a floral headband.

(They) loved being snuggled up and they even held hands, Clayshulte told Today.

Clayshulte gave Romeo and Juliets thousands of adoring fans what theyd been waiting for posting a few more images from that shoot to her Facebook page.

How precious! wrote a commenter. I hope they will be lifelong friends.

What an amazing opportunity and blessing!! wrote another.

Odds are, the Shakespearean babies could end up being buddies for life their parents have bonded over the experience.

We have already talked about getting together for one-year photos for the kids birthday as well as senior year photos, Hernandez told Today. We have found an amazing friendship within Juliets family.

Clayshulte told KTRK she plans to stick around for the ride.

We already discussed that if they get married, I get to shoot the wedding and their engagement photos, she said.
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