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A father gives his son in a wheelchair the ride of his life
Atticus and his father show us that life is about taking chances and living your dreams. - photo by Tamsyn Valentine
Atticus Edmunds was born with cerebral palsy, weighing only two pounds, two ounces, to parents Tresa and Jared.

According to a Facebook post, when Atticus and his dad saw another father who pushed his son in a wheelchair around a skatepark, Atticus was ready to try it himself.

"We dropped everything and loaded up the car, Tresa Edmunds said in a post.

Tresa Edmunds said that Atticus always loved going fast and was quite the daredevil.

"There has never been a roller coaster too fast or a swing too high for Atticus," Jared Edmunds, Atticus' dad said. "He can be a little daredevil when he wants to be."

His mom filmed Atticus and his dad riding around the skatepark for the first time. His reaction was both beautiful and priceless.

In the video, after his first experience skating, his mother asked him how he felt. He said enthusiastically, "That was great! That was fantastic! That was crazy!"

Now he is a mainstay at the saketpark near their home, and is even recognized by fellow skaters.

Atti got recognized and other kids were giving him high 5's while other parents were telling Jared how he inspired them to take their kids to the park, Tresa said in a Facebook post. And then Atti had his first wipeout (no blood or injury, just a fall) and he got spooked, but he decided he was a skater and skaters get back up.

Tresa and Jared both said that they always want to encourage Atticus to live his dreams and do the things he loves.

"My job as his mom is to protect that sweet, brave spirit. To make sure that he never gets discouraged enough to give up," Tresa posted. "All day long I'm trying to make up for how hard the whole rest of the world is by telling him how much I believe in him."
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