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9 things only best friends do for each other
True friendship is a prize to be treasured. - photo by Gary and Joy Lundberg
Having a best friend truly is a gift from heaven. Sometimes best friends are siblings, cousins, spouses...or anyone else who fits this list of what best friends do for each other. See who in your life does at least a few of these things, and who you do them for in return:

1. A friend is always there for you

You can call your friend and she will listen, no matter what time it is. You can ask for help when youre in a pickle and shell do all she can to help you out. Even if there is nothing your friend can do, she will still be there to hold your hand (so to speak) and encourage you. At times all a friend needs to do is just be present. A shoulder to cry on may be all you need.

2. A friend accepts you just the way you are

If you cant be yourself with your friend then he is not a true friend. A real friend accepts you, warts and all. He knows your heart and loves you for being you. A true friend is not in the business of making his friend into someone they are not.

3. A friend wont let you compromise your standards

There is nothing quite as sad as having someone you love try to persuade you to go against what you believe. A true friend will help you be true to the standards you hold dear. She will be proud of you for staying faithful to your beliefs and will help you remain faithful in living these convictions.

4. A friend helps you become your best

Henry Ford nailed it when he said, My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me. This is done by paying attention to and encouraging your friend's good qualities. Noticing the good in others helps them be even better.

5. A friend would never ridicule you

You would never make your friend the brunt of a joke just to get a laugh. If someone is making fun of you, a friend is there to defend you. Thats why its important to choose friends with good charactersomeone you feel good about defending, and who will stand up for you in return.

6. A friend encourages you to follow your dreams

This means you can share your deepest desires and dreams and she will never make fun of them. She will respect what matters most to you and encourage you to do whatever it takes to reach your goal.

7. A friend is someone you can have fun with

Life should be joyful. Having fun with a friend is an important part of that joy. A concert is all the better when shared with a friend. A dinner out is even more delicious when dining with a friend and a hike up the mountain is more invigorating when accompanied by a friend. Having fun with a friend is a key element in a true friendship.

8. A friend is someone you can rejoice with and mourn with

When something wonderful happens to you the only thing that makes it better is telling your friend about it. Its like being blessed twice over. When sorrow strikes you it is somehow made easier to bear by pouring your grief out to a friend.

9. A friend is someone you can trust

Trust comes as the friendship grows. It is not immediate. You know this trust would never be betrayed. Having and being this kind of friend one who is trustworthy is truly priceless.

Philosopher and theologian, Thomas Aquinas, certainly said it well: There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship. Who in your life do you treasure as a friend?
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