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9 secrets to smell ADDICTIVELY delicious ALL day (your man will go crazy for you)
Sometimes deodorant alone just won't cut it. - photo by Mariel Reimann
When it comes to the way you want to smell, sometimes deodorant just doesnt cut it by itself. If you want to smell great all day, every day, learn these 12 secrets and go above and beyond in the scent department.

1. Apply perfume the right way

"Spray it on your wrists, the back of your neck or mist it into the air and walk through it," said Mark Knitowski, vice president of product innovation and fragrance for Victoria's Secret.

These three spraying techniques will help you retain the aroma the longest, and leave you smelling great all day long.

2. Wash your hair when it is oily

Many girls go days without washing their hair by using dry shampoo and up-dos to hide the appearance of oil. But hair can emanate a rather unpleasant odor when it is greasy, so even if you think youve done a good job covering up the visual appearance of oil, chances are you cant cover up the scent of it. A lot of times we are the last ones to find out we smell bad, so even if you dont think those oily roots are getting an odor, it's better to wash it than be sorry.

3. Frequently wash your sheets

You sleep every night in your bed and your sheets get permeated with your sweat and dead skin. You are probably accustomed your own natural scent to the point where you dont notice it. However, to be your best-smelling self, throw those sheets in the wash often.

4. Use talc for feet

Weve got deodorant for smelly armpits, but what about our feet? Sometimes they can smell just as bad (or worse). Its no secret that our feet can get sweaty and pungent, especially when its warm or when youve been on your feet a lot. To stop your feet from ruining your good-smelling groove, sprinkle some talcum powder on those bad boys.

5. Keep a scented bar of soap in your underwear drawer

This simple change helps keep your underwear always smelling swell. The perfume in the soap will be permeate in the fibers of the fabric while they are in a dry, closed and small place.

6. Choose a scented hair shampoo and conditioner and leave them in your hair for a while

After wetting your hair, scrub in your favorite scented shampoo and leave it without rinsing for a while. Then rinse and apply conditioner and leave that in longer than usual as well. The extended time allows the scent to soak into your hair a bit more (and you get bonus extra time in the shower).

7. Keep a scented lotion in your purse wherever you go

No matter how much we want them too, sometimes scented lotion just doesnt stick around all day long. To refresh that flowery or fruity scent you applied in the morning, take a to-go bottle with you and reapply throughout the day.

8. Use body spray immediately after hopping out of the shower

Once you hop out of the shower, dry off and immediately spritz on that spray. The hot water opens your pores, so the scent from the spray will be captured better and last longer.

9. Avoid using mouthwashes with alcohol

Mouthwashes with alcohol cause the mouth to dry out, which then in turn makes you produce less saliva. This makes you more prone to bad breath.

Follow these tips and your man will go crazy for your sweet smell all day long.
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