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9 confidence hacks to prepare you for any event
Get your confidence on with these 9 savvy woman tips. - photo by Adity Gulati
1. Dress confidently

It's not always about fashion. This is key. Never wear anything uncomfortable. Adjusting a scooping neckline or deep back line causes you to constantly worry. Save the headache and wear something you know you feel comfortable and confident in. It will allow you to focus on things and people besides yourself, making you radiant.

2. Blow your nose beforehand

It goes without saying, but, please blow your nose when getting ready. This will lower your chances of having to dig for buried treasure later. You'll be more confident for it.

3. Use the bathroom before you leave

Before walking out the door, be sure to make a stop at your bathroom. You don't want to be worrying all night about indigestion or where you can find an available toilet. Leave the house bowels emptied, carefree and confident.

4. Smell fresh

Shower. Take a bath. Spray on your favourite perfume. This will keep body odour at bay and keep you feeling fabulously confident. When you catch a whiff of how delicious you smell, you won't be able to keep from smiling. And there's nothing more confident than a smiling woman.

5. Buy new underwear

Remember, confidence comes from within ... Don't spoil that pretty dress with old underwear. Invest in seamless undergarments for a flawless finish. The less you worry about bra and panty lines, the less insecure you'll feel, and the more you'll be able to focus on being your confident self and blessing others' lives.

6. Veto body shaming

Avoid gossip and body shaming. Live and let live. Each individual is beautiful in his or her own unique body be it small, large, tall, short, square, round or pear-shaped. A confident woman is a woman who sees the best and beauty in others.

7. Don't be over the top

Be yourself. That's enough. Too much makeup, perfume, hairspray or anything else is unnecessary. Don't go overboard. You'll feel most confident in your own skin.

8. Keep fresh breath

Brush it up, girl! Use quality mouthwash and toothpaste. Regularly flossing and tongue-cleaning does oodles in the long run. If you have fresh breath, you'll be able to confidently speak kind words to others no matter how close you stand.

9. Be courteous

Don't put yourself and others to shame by being rude or defensive to other people. It's good to express your opinion, but if you do so tactlessly, things can quickly escalate into a cat fight. Confident woman are courteous woman.
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