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8 ways to give your baby a creative name
Giving your child a creative name can be a blessing or a curse. Here are 8 ways to express your creativity while respecting your childs lifelong experience with your decision. - photo by Georgia Lee
Creative baby names are more popular than ever. Coming up with a unique and attention grabbing title for your child can be fun. But many times moms and dads choose names that make their kids lives more complicated than creative.

Here are eight great ways to give your kid that interesting edge without alienating them from positive life experiences:

1. Gender swap and unisex

Gender swapping on names have become so acceptable nowadays, its almost impossible to assume the sex of any child based off his or her name. And this is a good thing.

While girls often take on boyish nicknames, boys rarely adopt girly nicknames on their own; this is often used by bullies as a way to degrade or humiliate boys. But when a boy is given a unisex or even traditionally female name there is power and confidence that comes from this choice. Consider Sasha, Shannon, Dana, Leslie or Kelly for your boys. Jordan, Danny, Jo, Lee, Frankie and Darrel are great for girls. And Robin, Avery, Skylar, Rain, Francis and Asa would do just fine for both.

2. Surnames

Surnames have long been passed on and preserved through given names for centuries. Usually this happens when the mothers maiden name is taken over by the tradition of keeping the husband and fathers last name. So many boys grow up with first names like Jackson, Johnson, Anderson and Farley. Even some girls get in on the action, like pop superstar Beyonce Knowles.

3. Feelings and faith

Feelings and faithful names are classic choices that are making a comeback. Names like Grace, Faith, Hope, Joy or Love are simple and lovely, and provide a positive, peaceful message.

4. Titles

There may not be many to choose from, but titles like Prince, Princess, King, Queen, Duke, Duchess and Pharaoh are staking their claim as given names. Feel free to give one a try.

5. Flowers and plants

Rose, Lily and Daisy are a few more classics making a comeback. But dont forget Ivy, Fern, Orchid and other garden blooms.

6. Minerals and gems

Ruby and Pearl are names from a simpler era, but are again just as modern as Jasmine and Opal. Take care with names like Sapphire and Diamond, as they can come off flashy and sound like stage names.

7. Jobs

Names often mean something. Fisher, Hunter, Mason, Smith and Baker were occupations before they were names. Giving your child a productive and industrious job for a name just might give him a head start.

8. Cities, states and countries

With so many to choose from, its no wonder more and more people can find their names on a map. From Maryland, Virginia, Carolina and Georgia to Dakota, Indiana, Tennessee and Texas, state names are getting quite the fan following.

Try America, Egypt or Israel for a country-inspired name. And cities like Milan, Paris, Florence, Austin, Camden and Brooklyn are being used more than ever for baby names.

Creative baby names are fun and interesting. But remember to take care and give your child a name they can live with for the rest of their life, and not just something thats fun for you to say.
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