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8 mom-friends every mother needs in her life
Make sure all these ladies are members of your squad. - photo by Melinda Fox
Making friends as a mom is a whole new experience. Before you had kids, friends were all about who you had fun with, who you could talk to, etc. But now, it's a little less about you. Your friends end up being moms that are also sitting on the edges of the playground or the woman has a daughter in your son's ballet class.

But beyond the friends you make out of circumstance, you need women in your life who understand and support you because after all, it takes a village to raise a child.

Here's a list of 8 women that you need to include in your mom squad.

The twin

You birthed your children a week apart and happen to have the same diaper bag. The twin may be the hardest friend to find but once you do, you'll be bonded for life in no time. It's wonderful to have someone in your life who is going through the same exact things that you are.

The know-it-all

If she doesn't already know what's up, she can most definitely find the answer. If it's not in this lady's pile of books, she'll find it in the vast reaches of the internet.

You need her in your life to help you figure out if you should be concerned about the fact that your son keeps sneezing green goo and to let you know how many times it's normal to sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" in a single day.

The chill one

She makes you feel alright about the fact that you don't have all the cans in your cupboard organized by nutritional content and alphabetical order. She lives and lets you live and reminds you that it's okay to let your kids make a dinner of mud pies every once in a while, it washes off.

The rookie

While you need a squad full of women experienced in all things mommy, it's also great to have a woman in your life who's new to it all. She can remind you about the wonders of parenting you've stopped wondering over and how far you've come. It can feel great to help someone else learn how to teach a kid to eat his peas every once in a while.

The one who's got your back

If everything gets crazy and you just need an extra hand, this lady is there with two. You need a friend that you can rely on to be there when you need to drop your kids off for your Gyno appointment, or to have your back when you ended up signing up to cook too many cupcakes for the bake sale. No matter what, she's there for you, and you'd do anything for her as well.

The stickler

You might not agree with everything this prison-warder-esque mom might do but you can learn a thing or two about how to get your kids to actually listen from this woman. Not only that, but you know you can always count on her and she'll stick with you no matter what.

The older mom

She's no longer deep in the trenches of mothering and because of that she's got great advice and much needed perspective to offer you.

Your mom

No one has experience like her. She's done it all and can keep mothering you by teaching you how to be a mom yourself.
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