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7 ways you'll feel cuter as a stay-at-home mom
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As they should, our little ones take precedence over many other things in our daily lives as stay-at-home mamas. So, more often than not, it's easy to fall into the no-makeup-hair-undone-pajamas-all-day routine.

Here are a few simple ways to break that routine and get yourself feeling cuter throughout the days.

Hair tricks

The go-to ponytail can be both your best friend and your worst nightmare. Try simple switch-ups, like adding in a cute headband or bow from time to time. Simple braids or buns can be done quickly while still keeping your hair out of your face (and out of the reach of grabby little fists). Look up some simple hair tutorials to add a few easy favorites to your routine.

Lip stain

It's amazing how a little pop of color on your lips can brighten your day. And lip stains stay put once they're dry, so you are able to kiss all over chubby little cheeks all day without having to worry about smears.

Get some sunshine

After not leaving the house for several days in a row, laying a blanket out in the backyard to play on can do wonders for your attitude. Take a little time each day to get outside. Throw the ball for the dog or grab your camera and take some photos of your little ones enjoying outside play time.

Pamper yourself

Every so often, remember to spend a little time on yourself. Get your hair or nails done, or do them yourself to save on the costs of a salon. Throw on some cute nail stickers or have a friend cut or color your hair. A simple change like nail or hair color can be a much-needed refresher.


It seems ironic, but deep cleaning, while making you sweaty and dirty, also gives you an unbeatable satisfaction. Just do what you have time for here and there. Maybe, for example, one room per week. You'll feel like a million bucks stepping out of the shower into a sparkly clean bathroom or cooking dinner in a freshly wiped down and organized kitchen.

Shave your legs

Ladies, let's be honest. Some days there just isn't time. But while we're being honest how much better do you feel when they're silky smooth? Try to make it happen when you can.

Love your husband

Kiss him, hug him and hold his hand. Let him know you love him and appreciate all he does. Being a more loving, appreciative wife will improve your own sense of happiness as well.

Most importantly, though, remember that your family is your most important journey. Enjoy and be grateful for the time you have now with your squishy little mess makers; that time with them will make you happier than any lip stain ever could.
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