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7 things you would never have to do for the one
If he is really "the one," you should never have to do these 7 things. - photo by Tamsyn Valentine
Knowing whether or not someone is "the one can be a difficult process.

We have our preconceived notions given to us by Hollywood's rom-coms, but most of the advice and scenarios presented are either extremely unrealistic or extremely unhealthy.

Love is very complicated. There are times when it seems you are close to figuring it all out and finding the right person for you, but then that somebody doesn't work out and you are left confused and helpless all over again.

Or, there may be times when everything is going right. You are happy, and he treats you well. It seems he might be the person you will be spending the rest of your life with.

But you still ask yourself, Is he for sure the one?

Here are 7 things the one would never make you do in real life, making it a little easier to tell if you and he are meant to be.

1. You will never have to chase him

If you have ever seen the movie or read the book "Hes Just Not That Into You," you will remember all the excuses women make for the men they care about. However, if this man is really in love with you, you will know without a doubt. Seriously, he will be the one calling you, texting you, making plans with you, etc. If you feel you are doing the chasing, he probably isnt the one for you.

2. You will never have to worry about him

The thing about finding your true love, the man you are going to spend the rest of your life with, is that you want to be sure. When you find that man you will know because you wont have to worry or wonder about his or your feelings. It will be extremely clear. He will communicate openly and effectively.

Being mysterious or leaving someone wondering may be somewhat okay for first dates; but when it comes to long-term relationships, leave the games at home.

3. You will never have to change for him

The person who truly loves you will love you just the way you are, imperfections included. He will never ask you to change in any way. He will compliment your goofy laugh, your clumsiness and eclectic way of dressing. Whatever it may be, if hes the one for you, he will take you as you are.

4. You will never have to cry over him

This is a no-brainer. If he is the one for you, he will never do anything, say anything, be anything that would make you cry. He will never want to hurt you and will do everything in his power to never have to see you feel bad in any kind of way.

5. You will never have to hide him

You will never have to hide him physically or hide anything he does. If you have to hide him, lie for him or basically do anything shady for him, he is not the one for you. He should never lie to you. Ever. Transparency is the key for lovers that will last.

6. You will never have to beg for him

The word beg sounds degrading; and if it is done in a relationship, it probably is. Degrading yourself in any way should not be synonymous with the man you love. He will not make you beg for attention, love, security or anything else.

7. You will never have to compromise for him

Everyone has wants and needs. You should not have to compromise any major want or need to earn love from anyone. Yes, its okay to compromise on the little things; no one can always get their way. But if it seems you are compromising on everything that makes you, you, this relationship probably should not last. The person who wants to be with you forever will take into account your goals and dreams and attach them to his own.
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