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7 social media sins that are killing your relationship
Are you using social media to poison your relationship? - photo by Melinda Fox
In a handful of years, the way we perceive and act in relationships has changed so much due to the invention of social media. The way we see into others' lives and how they see into ours has been transformed, so it's no surprise our relationships have been affected. While there are certainly positive outcomes from being social online, we sometimes undercut the social media virtues by doing things on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. that ruin our relationships.

Here is a list of things you may be doing on social media that are destroying your once-great relationship.

1. You're trying to keep up with the Kardashians

Two words: Don't compare. In the age of social media, we see a flood of Pinterest-perfect relationships, which can make us feel like something is wrong with our own relationship for not being so "pin-worthy."

However, that picture of perfection is just a piece of the reality instead of the complete picture. Your relationship is the whole deal with the ugly parts and the beautiful parts (and, believe it or not, so is that relationship of that adorable couple on that adorable blog). Don't attempt to believe you should be able to Photoshop out the imperfections.

2. You keep in touch with your ex

You don't necessarily have to delete your ex from all your friend and following lists. However, you shouldn't use social media as a "safe" way to keep in touch with your past partners. What starts out as a harmless Facebook chat can escalate quickly. Keep all your communication with past boyfriends or girlfriends out of the private realm by keeping your current partner informed about your communications. If it's something you aren't comfortable posting on their Timeline, you shouldn't be saying it anyway.

3. You post provocative pictures

It can't make your girlfriend feel comfortable to see you sharing your shirtless bathroom selfies. Likewise, it can't make your boyfriend too happy to see your sunbathing photo out for the world to see.

Keep those things between the two of you and off of social media.

4. Passive aggressive status updates

If you tweet, "I hate when he's late," you're making mistakes left and right; but, worst of all, you are telling everyone else about an issue that should be discussed just between the two of you.

It may seem like you'll blow off more steam by putting it in the public eye and getting validation for your frustration from everyone's comments, but it's just as easy to type the same thing out in a text to your partner instead.

5. You're glued to your phone

This one's obvious, but it has to be said. It's easy to get sucked into technology. Since the invention of smartphones, we hold our social media networks in our pockets. You can think you're spending quality time with your honey, but really all you've done is sit next to each other while you scroll through your Instagram feed.

6. You post everything about your relationship

People shouldn't know everything about your relationship. It's not good for your followers or for the two of you. Much of what goes on in relationships should be kept private (and isn't that intimacy part of the fun?).

Discuss with your partner what things each of you feel are appropriate to share on the Internet. Set some guidelines, and stick with them.

7. You live for the like

Instead of enjoying the moment, you focus on how you can get the best photo uploaded to Instagram to prove to everyone that you have the best boyfriend. Before the invention of social media, the main purpose of photos was to help ourselves remember great moments. But now the focus is sharing great moments with other people.

Don't live life for the screen. Choose to relieve yourself of that pressure and enjoy the moment with the one you love.
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