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7 quick tips from experts on how to build a better year for you and your spouse
Trying to hack your way to a better new year with your partner? The Institute of Family Studies has some ideas for you. - photo by Herb Scribner
Trying to make a better new year with your partner? The Institute of Family Studies has some ideas for you.

The family institute recently shared some tips on how couples can celebrate a positive new year together.

Even if we dont actually write them down, we all probably have at least a mental list of things we would like to change or do better this year, and many of these goals involve improving our relationships," the report said. "For those of us who are married, the most important New Years resolutions we will make and should strive to keep are those aimed at strengthening and protecting our bond with our spouse.

The tips include:

  • Double-down on positive time together.

  • Turn off your phones and engage with each other.

  • Husbands should listen to their wives.

  • Have more children.

  • Spend some time with an older and wiser couple.

  • Forgive your spouse for any wrongdoings.

  • Find help if you struggled in your marriage.

Read the full list of ideas at the Institute of Family Studies.

Couples who work together to achieve goals can see positive outcomes. A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine back in 2015 found that women and men are more likely to succeed at their life changes if their partners do it, too, according to the Los Angeles Times.

For example, people were three times more likely to slim down if their partner had a goal to lose weight, the Times reported. Having a spouse who is more physically active also made people five times more likely to exercise weekly.

If youre both committed to improving your relationship, youve just upped your chances that youll end 2018 with a stronger bond than you started with, according to
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