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7 everyday pictures every mom needs to take
We can be great at recording major milestones, but what about the little everyday things that we may not think of as picture worthy? Here are 7 things that we should be capturing on camera that may not be so obvious. - photo by Megan Shauri
Nowadays it seems like people are constantly taking pictures of every little thing their kids do. We have become experts at documenting our childrens lives. There are, however, some pictures that we may not think about wanting to capture until it is too late.

Here is a list of everyday occurrences that may not be super obvious as ones you want to remember, but years from now you will be glad you did.

Wearing their favorite clothes

Sometimes our kids fall in love with certain clothes. Perhaps a dress, shirt or pajamas that they want to wear every day. As much as we think we could not possibly forget about the shirt with the dinosaur on it that you had to hide from your son so he would wear something else, you just might. Take a picture and keep it to show them when they are older to remind them of how in love with that shirt they were.

It is fun for them to learn about how they were as a child and to see that memory as well.


When your child makes a mess your first reaction may not be to take a picture, but rather clean it up or prevent it from becoming even bigger. But believe it or not, you will be able to look back on this incident and laugh, or at least be grateful you are no longer in that phase of life. You definitely dont want your child to think their behavior is okay because you are taking a picture of it, but try to discreetly record the moment without them thinking they are getting out of a punishment.

Playing with their favorite toy

Your kids may have lots of toys, but there is probably one that sticks out. Make sure you get lots of pictures of them playing with that toy. There may be one day when the toy breaks, or gets lost, and then it will be too late to record those precious moments. Your child will look back on those pictures with fondness and love for their toy. So the next time you see them holding their favorite doll, or find them surrounded by their pile of cars, take a quick picture and record the moment forever.


There is something so precious about a sleeping child. Their cheeks get pink, their eyelashes stand out against the contrast of their skin, and they seem so peaceful. Make sure to record these moments, at least once a year as they age. It is a daily event, but one we will look back on fondly.

Playing dress up

Kids get to an age where they love to dress up. Whether it is last years Halloween costume that barely fits, or putting on their daddys shoes and walking around the house, it is worth documenting. Snap a couple of these super cute moments, so you can remember them for years to come.

Candid moments

When kids are little it is easy to catch them doing something in the moment when they dont respond to cameras or instructions of looking and smiling. As they age we tend to only get pictures of them smiling at the camera. Try to capture moments when they are engaged in an activity, and when they are not looking at the camera. Try to capture the genuine joy on their face rather than a forced smile. Get pictures of all the little everyday moments, good and bad.

Little habits they do

Does your daughter suck on her thumb? Does your son stick his tongue out when he concentrates? Does your baby play with her hair as she drinks her milk?

These are all little things our kids do that we may not even approve of, but that we should get a quick picture of. Years from now youll look back on those little idiosyncrasies with fondness and miss them. It would be nice to have a picture to look back on and remember how tender those moments really were.

We dont want to become one of those parents who constantly has a camera in their hand and is more concerned about getting the right shot than living in the moment, but take a day to record some of these moments. Youll be glad that when looking back through your photos, you got some of those not so obvious shots.
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