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6 great board games for kids
Board games are displayed at Fongo Bongo Games. - photo by Carrie Rogers-Whitehead
As winter approaches, consider bringing your family out from the cold to play a board game. Forget Chutes and Ladders; board games for children have expanded way beyond that.

1. King of Tokyo, Iello Games

Ernest Bourne, owner of game store Fongo Bongo Games, said that King of Tokyo is his go to game for families." In this game, all the players are monsters trying to take over Tokyo. The game play involves dice rolling, power ups and fun attacks. Kids as young as six can play, but its also great for adults.

2. Here, Fishy Fishy, Haba Games

Haba games is one of the only companies out there that creates games for toddlers. Here, Fishy Fishy, along with others like Monster Torte, are board games even the littlest can play. In Here Fishy Fishy, players try to catch fish with a fishing pole and put it in a puzzle. The game teaches about colors and animals, as well as providing a good time.

3. Forbidden Island, GameWright

This award-winning game involves trying to get off an island before it floods over. You have to work cooperatively with different players who have unique abilities. Forbidden Island encourages teamwork as well as problem-solving skills.

4. Wink, Blue Orange

This card game requires sneakiness and luck. Players try to find others with matching cards by winking at them. But if someone else catches you winking, you lose a point.

5. Small World, Days of Wonder

Small World is created by Days of Wonder, which also makes Ticket to Ride. This strategic game is similar to both Ticket to Ride and Risk, where players try to launch races and occupy space on the board. Unlike those games, you can easily create and stop your races. The game is never the same since the abilities and types of races in the game change all the time.

6. Chopstick Dexterity Mega Challenge 3000, MayDay Games

This frantic and energetic game transports you into a Japanese TV game show where you have to pick up oddly shaped objects with chopsticks. You have to pick up the correct objects in a limited amount of time, which according to one reviewer is hilarious chaos.

Bourne said the great thing about board games is that it brings a family togetherboard games are great because you are sitting there talking and having conversations together.

Try one of these games out and have those conversations today.

For more information about board games visit local game stores including Epic Puzzles & Games, Game Night Games, Game Haven, Hastur Games & Comics. Online, the ultimate resource for game information is at
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