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6 crazy things that men do that make their women pull their hair out
No man is perfect, but there are things they do that make you even crazier than others. Here are 6 things men do that make women want to pull their hair out. - photo by Megan Shauri
Relationships can be wonderful. Having someone who knows you, cares about you and loves you despite everything is one of the best things in the world.

But sometimes the opposite sex can really get on your nerves. It seems they just dont understand why a particular habit really drives you nuts.

Here are 6 ways men make women want to pull their hair out:

1. When they dont understand what were saying

Women are known for being a bit indirect. But we expect our man to be able to follow our line of thought.

If youve been with someone for an extended period of time, youd think they would know how your mind works. But is seems, no matter how many times we speak with them, they just dont get it. Sure we could just come out and say what we mean, but that would be too easy.

2. When they dont listen to us

How many times have you said something to your man and could see his eyes glaze over? You know they stopped listening about 5 minutes ago. Maybe its the tone of our voice? Or if we speak about something not sports, car, or tool related they just tune us out?

Sometimes it is best to do temperature checks with your guy to make sure they are listening. Saying Did you hear me? and What do you think? are ways of getting their attention and seeing if they really did listen.

3. When they think flowers will make everything better

It seems like the idea that flowers are the solution to everything is programed into men. Sure, they help, but they are not a cure-all. We need to discuss what happened and why we were upset. It is something that may make men uncomfortable, that is why they hope you will just accept the flowers and move on. But its not that easy. Sometimes we have to be uncomfortable in order to make everything right.

4. When they wont say how they really feel

Some men really struggle with expressing their emotions. They like to hide them deep down inside, so that it is a huge struggle to get them to say whats on their mind. Then, they blow up at something totally unrelated because they just cant keep it in any longer.

When something is bothering them, if they dont talk about it right away, it can make the problem much worse than it really is. It is important to create an environment that allows your man to open up. Keep a neutral face while they speak, dont get angry or anxious, and dont respond back until they are done. If you create this secure environment, they may be more likely to open up the next time.

5. When they dont take our side

Some men are more logical than emotional. That means when there is a problem, they may look at both sides objectively and try to find a solution, or may even disagree with you. But for women, we just want someone to acknowledge our feelings and support us. It doesnt matter if our side is completely wrong, be with us. Let us know you are 100% by our side. Then, only after that, wait for us to calm down a little and help us see reason.

6. When they only speak in analogies

It seems that a lot of men need an analogy to get their point across. It may be a sports analogy, a work analogy, or even a story from their childhood. But there are always analogies when having a discussion. We get it. We dont need you to tell us 40 different ways how something works. We are smarter than you think. Keep it to one analogy, or better yet, none.

All of these examples can drive women crazy. But that is the difference between men and women. Those differences are what can make us want to pull our hair out, also draw us to each other.

While it is easy to get frustrated with your man, just take a deep breath, and love him for all his quirks!
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