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5-year-old Batman saves baby trapped in hot car
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EAST SUSSEX, England John and Caroline Penny took their grandbaby Iris grocery shopping on a hot, muggy day in England.

While they were unloading groceries and putting Iris into the car, they accidentally locked her in with the keys, the Mirror reported.

The couple frantically called police to help get the distraught baby out of the hot car. Police were able to smash the rear window of the Volkswagen Beetle, but none of the police officers could fit into the window to open a door or get the keys.

Fortunately, Batman was nearby and came to the rescue.

Five-year-old Zavi Ahmed had to be Batman that morning, his mom Emma Ahmed told Yahoo and the family arrived right as the police were trying to get into the car.

Zavi noticed the police couldnt fit, so he decided to help.

He said, Im only little, I can do it, Emma Ahmed told Yahoo.

And he proved himself to be a true hero. Police laid sweaters so Zavi wouldnt get hurt on the broken glass and he was able to crawl in and grab the keys.

It really was a case of Batman to the rescue, John Penny told the Mirror.

Batman wasnt the only superhero present that day. Zavis 2-year-old brother Nadeem was dressed as Superman and gave moral support.

And while Zavi said he always feels like a superhero, he told the Mirror, That day was special.
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