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5 wearable devices to help you keep track of your kids
We compiled a short list of wearable technology made for your kids that will help you keep track of them and monitor your babys health. - photo by Ivy Ceballo
Remember watching the movie Spy Kids? Did you crave getting your hands on the gadgets they carried with them? The market for todays kids comes close to the high-tech gear imagined in those movies all because of mini mobile computers.

This week Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., made its latest mini processor available for purchase, and theyre calling it the Snapdragon Wear 1100. According to the press release, the company is collaborating with other tech brands to target the increasing demand for kids' wearable devices.

The new processor that fits inside smartwatches and other accessories is designed to outperform others on the market. Its more compact and has a longer battery life than other wearable technology.

Scientists were aware of the emerging popularity of wearable technology since the 90s, according to The Future of Wearable Technology, a segment PBS launched in 2013. Sandy Petland, a computer scientist and professor at MIT, was featured in the video.

What we found is why should we disrupt social interaction when we could just have ambient awareness, Petland said. One of Petlands students went on to become the creator of Google Glass.

We compiled a short list of wearable technology made for your kids that will help you keep track of them and monitor your babys health. The devices below were previously listed on Safe Sound Family, Xing and Wareable.

Mimo Smart Monitor

The Mimo Smart Baby Monitor uses all-cotton kimonos and bodysuits to show you your babys breathing, sleeping temperature, body position, activity level, and whether they are awake and asleep, all right to your smartphone, according to the product's website.

The bodysuits and kimonos are available in four different colors: green, pink, yellow and the original white. Mimo claims the device uses Bluetooth low energy, which is the safest kind around.

Owlet Smart

This is another techno-fashion for your baby. The Owlet Smart sock is designed to let you know if your baby stops breathing.

Why do you get an alert when someone 'likes' your status but not when your baby stops breathing? Its time for a change, according to

The products description states, Owlet is designed to sound an alert if your childs heart rate dips too low, rises too high, or if their oxygen level drops below a preset threshold.

FiLIP wearable phone and locator

FiLIP says that their device is an alternative to having to buy your child a smartphone. The wearable watch allows for voice calling, and you can choose the five phone numbers your child is allowed to communicate with.

The watch also has a feature known as safe zone and "uses a unique blend of GPS, GSM, and WiFi to allow parents to locate their child," according to the product's website.


According to Safe Sound Family, this water safety device can be worn in a number of ways to help parents keep track of their kids in and around water. There are different ways for your kid to sport this wearable safety device.

Goggle-style, wristband or as a headband, the band notifies you via your smartphone if your child has been submerged in water too long or at all for non-swimmers, as stated in SSF.


This wearable was designed for kids who like to talk. Using this device, kids can make phone calls to parents and friends who are pre-approved using the Tinitell mobile app available on Apple and Android devices. The device also has GPS tracking, just in case it gets lost.

And, it's durable, too. The website states that Tinitell is made of durable materials and resists water and dirt. It is available in four different colors.
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