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5 steps to landing a second date
You've landed the first date -- heres how to land the second! - photo by Erin Adair
Congratulations -- youve gotten a first date!

Many studies show that you can tell within the first few moments of a date whether it will be a good match or not. Is your date talking with his or her hands? Men who talk with their hands tend to be good communicators. And if you notice that your date is subtly leaning forward and mimicking your gestures, thats an excellent sign that they are listening to and engaged in what youre saying. Thats exactly what youre looking for!

So what else do you want to do, to guarantee a second date?

1. Ask questions/be communicative

Women feel more connected when men laugh with them, use the word you a lot, ask questions and interject in the conversation to show they're paying attention. And women, its important to speak confidently and keep the conversation from lagging -- its OK to talk about yourself; use words like I, me, myself. Men say that they feel more of a spark when you speak that way, rather than when you limit the conversation by saying things like kinda, sort of and maybe.

2. Use a more masculine or feminine pitch

Women who feel connected to their dates speak at a higher pitch and volume, making their excitement and immersion in the conversation more obvious. Mens pitch, however, varies a lot less, reflecting their masculinity. Men are also more likely to laugh and vary their volume (also showing interest and excitement). Its science, folks.

3. Be nice, especially to other people.

This might seem obvious, but it might not be to some. Women will notice whether men are nice to the server, and how skimpy of a tip they leave him or her. Whether you are kind to those around you will be noticed by -- and important to -- your date.

4. Men -- pick up the tab.

When the bill comes, reach for it. If she offers to split the tab, politely refuse. I always say that if you offer twice and she still wants to split, its not worth arguing; its obviously important to her. But if you dont at least offer to pick up the tab, you may not get a second date. Women, let him pay for the tab. Its gentlemanly, and you can offer to buy dessert or dinner the next time, which is a great way to keep things going.

5. Go for a kiss!

The anticipation is probably killing her. Step up to the plate, or she might think youre never going to do it, give up and file you under friend zone. If you know youre hitting it off, shes going to be anticipating it. An appropriate smooch can be a great end to a date.

There you have it! Your job is to land the first date. Follow these and you'll most likely have a second one to look forward to.
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