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5 safe ways to respond to your wife when she asks you if she looks fat
Men can easily get caught in a tangled mess of trying to find the right thing to say to their wives. These responses are sure to make your woman smile. - photo by Jenna Koford
She's looking at herself in the mirror, and her face is a mix of doubt and wonder. She turns to one side, then the other. She turns to you and asks the one question many men fear: "Honey, does this make me look fat?"

Of course it doesn't. You know it doesn't. But somehow, you can't find the right words to convince her. Next time she wants your opinion, stick with these responses:

1. How do you feel in that dress? I think it's gorgeous.

This answer is helpful for two reasons. First, you're asking for her opinion too. Even though she just asked you, you can turn the question around. Her clothing choices are all about how she feels. Second, when you add your compliment at the end, she feels better.

This is a safe answer if you actually don't love what she's wearing. Maybe the shirt is too tight or the dress is a weird pattern. But when you ask her how she feels, she'll talk openly about it. Maybe she'll admit she doesn't feel comfortable in it. Then, you can suggest something else.

2. Honestly, anything you wear is amazing.

Any kind of compliment may catch her off guard; but if you sincerely say it, she'll believe it. By adding the word "honestly," you're showing her that you're being more serious than if you just said, "Oh, it looks great." And when she asks how she looks, you better look up from your computer or phone and actually look at what she has onyou may love it.

3. Honey, you look beautiful.

A straightforward and sincere compliment can go a long way. If you tell her she looks beautiful every single time, she may not believe it; but if you focus on something specific, you're good to go. For example, if she has on a new shirt, you can comment on the neckline or how the color makes her look brighter.

4. If you like it, then I like it.

Some may think just agreeing with her won't work, but maybe it will. If your woman loves what she's wearing, she'll act more confident, and you'll love it too. Some men are very picky and only like certain colors or clothing choices, but you should be open to all styles your woman loves. Try asking her what kind of clothes she likes to wear. If you're risky, you can try to buy her a piece of clothing for her birthday or your anniversary.

5. Maybe try a different color?

If you don't like what she has on, be careful. Some women want straight-up honesty, while others like a different approach. If her pants are way too wild, comment on the color or the length instead. Try subtly switching over to the jeans you saw on the way to the dressing room.

If your woman can take any answer, just tell her that it's not your favorite. She wants to know what you like. Women don't necessarily dress to impress men, but your woman will want to make sure she is wearing something you like too.

Overall, the question "Do I look fat?" is a tough one to answer, even when you already know the answer. A woman may analyze the tone of your voice and look on your face. Be honest, sincere and kind. All women are beautiful and deserve to wear what makes them feel best. Be supportive and shine a light on that beauty.
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