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5 reasons why strong, independent women make the best wives
Marrying a #sheboss will probably be the best thing you ever do. - photo by Tamsyn Valentine
There can be times when men fall into the stereotypical trope of wanting a woman who is a damsel in distress -- someone they can save and ride off with into the sunset.

The problem is, these women end up being more than they bargained for -- overly dependent, needy and insecure. And men quickly realize this isnt actually what they want in a lasting relationship.

There is a lot to be said about a woman who has goals, a career, is adventurous and can be happy on her own -- the type of woman who knows who she is and what she wants.

Here are a few reasons why a strong, independent woman can make the best wife:

She will motivate you

An independent woman knows she doesn't have to depend on anyone else to get what she wants out of life. She prepares, works hard and does things that need to be done.

Because of this, she is a great supporter for anyone else wanting to reach their goals -- especially the man she loves. Seeing her reach for the stars will encourage and motivate you to do the same, and you will love her all the more for it.

She will be your partner

This means that rather than standing behind or in front of you, she will be right there next to you. She will want to navigate through life by your side, supporting your dreams as you support hers.

Who doesnt want a wife like that?

She won't need you, but she'll want to be with you

Before you meet her, she wont be just sitting around waiting for her prince charming. She'll be active in her education and career. But when you do meet, she'll be happy to adjust this plan for a person she loves.

She knows herself

Being independent means she gets to spend a lot of time with herself. Knowing and being confident in whom she is is not only healthy, but it makes for a great person to marry.

Two people who know themselves on a deep level and understand their wants, needs and desires are more likely to have a long-lasting, healthy relationship.

When she loves you, she will love deeply

It is a false idea that strong women dont want a man. Truly strong women know the benefit of having a partner and confidant -- someone they love and can have by their side throughout life.

She will give you her heart and soul in the same way she puts her heart and soul into everything else she is passionate about; and you will be forever grateful for this strong woman in your life.
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