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5 kisses every woman should experience
Theres more than a first kiss to look forward to when you start dating someone new. - photo by Emily Cummings
A first kiss with anyone new is something to remember. Theres the anticipation, the touch of nerves and hopefully some serious chemistry. But dont think thats the only type of kiss worth waiting for. As you and Mr. Right play the dating game, keep in mind these 5 other kisses You might be surprised to realize how sweet and endearing these different kinds can really be.

"The Mid-Talker

This kiss catches you completely off guard; its a carefully planned smooch on his end, but its sneaked in between words of your passionate rant about the yogurt at the grocery store that day. Hes paying close attention to your words but happens to rebut your argument with a little lip-locking instead of an argument. This kiss is romantic purely because of the fact that you just cant see it coming. Its a darling little surprise that reminds you hes thinking of kissing you, even when you're talking about something completely off topic.

"The Forehead" It shouldnt come as a surprise when this kiss pops up on a top-kisses list. Its desperately romantic, and Im pretty sure every girl has wanted to lock eyes and be kissed above her brows at least one in her life. This kiss isnt just given to anyone; this kind of kiss is adorable and endearing and says more about how much he cares about you than many words can.

The Notebook Not that every love story needs to match up to this romantic films, but every woman should experience a kiss so incredibly romantic, it belongs in a movie. There doesnt need to be dramatic music playing or be some sort of reason to start a big fight just to break out into a passionate kiss, but it should happen at least once in your life. Whether its in the rain or in the sun, this kiss is one you shouldnt forget. While kisses can also be sweet, slow and tender, every woman should experience a Hollywood-worthy smooch at least once.

"The Sneak-a-Peck" Along the same lines as the The Mid-Talker, this kiss comes as a cute little surprise. Its a sweet peck on the check that happens so quick you arent quite sure it was even there in the first place. It could be done out of nerves or due to running a tad late, but "The Sneak-a-Peck" is the quickest and tiniest kiss to keep track of. This little act says he wants to steal a quick little kiss from you no matter the situation (and that he doesnt want to smear your lipstick).

The Sleeper" Technically, you wont realize this kiss ever occurred because youll be playing the part of Sleeping Beauty for your own Prince Charming. As you snore or slumber on, your beau steals a soft little kiss while you sleep. You could try to catch him in the act, but the fact that he wants to give you a kiss without getting a kiss back says something really special. Plus, any man who lets you sleep in while he gets up is a definite keeper.

Of course your first kiss is one to anticipate, but dont think that the kissing excitement stops there. As things continue in your relationship, there will be some other landmark kisses to let you know how hes feeling about things. If youve got a man who has kissed you these 5 ways, hes someone you should keep around.
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