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5 irreplaceable items your daughter wants from you
When it comes to passing on your legacy, here are 5 items that your daughter wants from you. - photo by Megan Shauri
Some things we own are worth far more than their original price tag. These items have a history or story behind them that make them extra special. Some things we own are not tangible, but rather feelings or memories. All of these things hold a special place in our heart and are important to pass down to our next generation.

Here are 5 items of yours that your daughter will want from you one day:

Heirloom jewelry

Most women have jewelry that is special to them. Whether it is something your mother gave you, or something you received from your husband, let her know that one day it will belong to her. When you put on the strand of pearls or diamond earrings, show her. Tell her that she will get to wear them one day when she is older. It will give her something to look forward to, and also give her a memory of the two of you together that she can cherish every time she wears them.

Her baby items

There are certain baby items that she wore as a baby that she may want one day for her children. Perhaps the dress she was blessed in, her favorite blanket, or doll, or the first pair of shoes she wore, are things you can save for her. Set some things aside that you think would be special for her, and then give it to her when she has her own kids one day. When she uses them with your grandchildren it will be like youre taken back to the time when she was a baby once again, and we all know how precious those days are.

Your journal

Whether you have an actual book, online blog, or scrapbook, make it with the intention of giving it to your child. Fill it with stories about your whole life, including before you were married and before you had dreams. Dont let the fact that your family will read your journal (after youre gone) stop you from putting your deepest secretes, or feelings of anger or heartache you may have experienced. It will be nice for her to see all sides of you, not just your best behaved.

Your recipe book

Something that your daughter will cherish is your recipe book. The one that contains the cinnamon roll recipe you make every Christmas, and the one full of the dinners she ate around the kitchen table growing up. Make sure to include the special recipes passed on to you from mother and grandmother so she can continue the tradition of cooking family favorites with her own children one day.

The thing that reminds her of home

All of us have something from our childhood that reminds us from home. Perhaps it is a wind chime or old clock that when we hear it, we remember our childhood. Or maybe it is the old cedar chest she sat on while you brushed her hair. Whatever it may be, ask her as she ages what she loves. It would be tragic if you sold it or gave it away because you did not know she valued it more than it was worth.

Memories are irreplaceable, and having something that brings us back to a certain place or time is really valuable. One reason we may have a hard time giving things away is because of a memory we have with that item.

If we were to keep everything we ever had a fond memory with, we would all need several storage units to hold all of our stuff. It is important to purge, declutter your house, and give to people who need it, but make sure you set aside those extra special items to pass on to your next generation.
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