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5 amazing true stories of fate bringing soulmates together
America is a nation of singles right now, but people still believed in finding The One. And sometimes, finding the right person requires waiting for fate to run its course. - photo by Herb Scribner
There are a lot of single people in America right now.

As The Washington Post reported last year, data put together by the news website City Lab and the Martin Prosperity Institute found that more than half of the United States is made up of singles.

This is partly because Americans are having trouble finding the right person to marry. In fact, as the number of educated women increase, there are less eligible males for them to marry who have a similar level of education or higher, according to Mic.

Still, people believe in finding the love of their life its just a matter of time. But, as Ive written before, finding The One is no easy task. The One can come in all shapes, sizes and through many circumstances. Sometimes it may require singles to wait until the circumstances are just right. Or, as in the case of some couples, until they have a coincidental meeting.

Here are five times that couples met because of an odd coincidence or accident.

Facebook: The soulmate network

Before the days when Facebook was available at the push of a button, Schuyler Benson of Arkansas logged onto the social network while using his flip phone. But, as the fates would have it, Benson logged into Celeste Zendlers account, a stranger from Colorado, instead as a result of a glitch in the website.

The two, according to Mashable, would end up falling in love.

As Bensons Imgur post explains, it was difficult for Benson to log out of the account at first. But once Zendler sent Benson a friend request, he could finally log out, Mashable reported. In the following weeks, the two talked over cyberspace and realized they had a lot in common.

Four years later, in 2013, they met in person. Their wedding is scheduled for next summer.

I found my partner, my best friend, my great love via a simple glitch in social media, the Imgur post reads. There are awful things in this world, but sometimes theres beauty, too. This is my beauty.

i < 3 u ;)

All Kasey Bergh wanted to do was contact her colleagues during a business trip in Denver during 2012.

But the text she sent found its way to Henry Glendening, who was a restless spirit, stuck in an unhappy relationship and a dead-end job, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The pair, funny enough, got married earlier this summer on June 27, The Post-Dispatch reported.

Berghs text was originally supposed to go to Nestle-Purina, her employer. But once Glendening received it, he took a risk and asked the sender to hang, The Post-Dispatch reported. The two talked more and developed a relationship, despite Glendening being 30 years younger than Bergh.

Their attraction to each other outweighed any concerns over age, they said.

In my experience, a lot of people dont believe in that kind of stuff, Glendening told The Post-Dispatch. They think the world is what it is and they feel the law of attraction is a silly belief.

A real accidental meeting

When Brandi Kaufman got into a car accident in 2012, she didnt expect that the future love of her life would be the one to rescue her.

As Bridal Guide and Cosmopolitan both explain, Kaufman, who was driving with her sister and her sisters friend accidentally slammed into an embankment and slid 15 feet off of the road, according to Bridal Guide. Firefighter Dustin Blair was first to the scene and helped rescue Kaufman, who was stuck in the car and refused help, Bridal Guide reported.

But Blair never forgot the girl, even though the impact caused Kaufman to forget the entire event. When they met again as a part of Kaufmans healing process to help her cope with the death of her sister, she took a photo with the firefighter in front of a fire truck.

"We posed by the fire truck, and I had a feeling this was the start of something big, Blair said.

It wasnt until four months later that something big happened. Kaufman was encouraged to join her friend on a double date. When she arrived at the restaurant, she found that her date was, unbelievably, Blair, according to Bridal Guide.

A year after, the two were married.

Despite finding happiness, Kaufman still wondered if she was allowed to be happy after losing her sister in the accident, Bridal Guide reported.

But she found a reason to be happy Blair.

"How could I move forward with a happy life knowing she's not here? she asked, according to Bridal Guide. I thought of all the nights following the accident where I would just lose it. I'd curl up in a little ball and weep. I'd say over and over, 'Why her? Why not me?' And every time, Dustin would wrap his arms around me and say, 'There is a reason for everything.' I soon realized that the reason was him."

A match made in kidneys

Danny Robinson had been in kidney failure for three years when he and his mother shared their story on a radio show, hoping to find someone to donate their kidney, according to CNN.

And, by chance, Ashley McIntyre heard her family talking about a man who needed a kidney, since his story had been promoted on the radio, according to CNN. So Ashley, feeling compassion for this soft-spoken stranger, after she heard the radio show, offered her kidney to Danny, since they were the same blood type (type O), CNN reported.

As time went on and the two families spent more time together, McIntyre and Robinson felt an immediate connection, but because they didnt want to provide any complications for surgery, they took their time, CNN reported.

Once the surgery was over, they started a relationship and have been together ever since. Theyre due to be married and are expecting a baby girl, according to CNN.

"I feel like my feet haven't touched the ground," McIntyre told CNN. It's just been an incredible, unexpected, serendipitous journey."

Airplane attraction

When Marsha Bobb got on a plane from Jamaica to Miami in 2005, she noticed that a man, Lenny Spence, was sitting in her window seat, according to CNN.

Bobb dreaded the idea of sitting next to Spence, while Spence thought Bobb was beautiful and couldnt wait to speak to her, CNN reported.

As fate would have it, they were in the same row. Bobb took the open center seat and begrudgingly chatted with Spence.

"He seemed nice and pleasant," she told CNN. "I don't think we'd even left the tarmac, and we started talking."

Their conversation lasted the entire plane ride, and they exchanged numbers so they could talk afterward, CNN reported. And although the friendship wore away, social media brought them back together in 2010, when Spence sent Bobb a message over Facebook.

Now, the two are married and have been living a fairy tale ever since.
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