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4 ways to raise boys into good men
Raising sons is an art that takes time to master. - photo by Denhi Chaney
Raising male children might be easier if motherhood included a manual with examples and tips on how to handle certain situations. However, no such manual exists so we must try to figure out how to raise boys on our own. Although I dont have all of the answers, we can all agree that raising sons takes a different kind of knowledge.

In fact, many mothers say that educating boys is indeed an art, since our goal is for them to grow up to be good citizens, husbands and fathers. With all the misconceptions of what it means to be a man of truth, it is our responsibility to give our little boys the experiences they need, which cant be done without understanding what it means to have boys in your home and the specific needs they have.

It is my hope that the following tips will help raise boys to be good men one day.

1. Unleash

Before you think that I do not support discipline; I am referring to giving free rein to his energy and creativity. Give them many opportunities to play outside, hop, to shout, to explore and have the opportunity to be a child. Do not seek to control their energy but channel it properly, otherwise it will come in the form of shouts and disobedience.

2. Real men cry

Never make him feel bad about being sad. Let him experience feelings as you would any child, male or female, because there is no difference in the human need to shed tears from time to time. The same applies if you are afraid whether he is more sensitive than you wanted; many children are sensitive by nature and that does not make them weak in any way.

3. Love

All boys need a lot of physical affection, and hugs and kisses are necessary even when our boys are children. Many studies have confirmed that boys, as they grow, receive less physical affection than girls, which can cause negative consequences for their emotional health. They need physical affection as much as anyone else, so mom and dad must make sure to show them love as much as they can.

4. Dont be a push-over

Yes, they need support, hugs and affection, but they also need discipline. Encourage them to do difficult tasks; it promotes inner strength, which can help them develop into the man we hope they become. Give them opportunity to work, help with chores and serve.

It is not easy to raise little boys, but nothing that really worthwhile is easy. Take time to learn and get to know each of your children. Use the tips mentioned above, because they can be essential to help your child grow emotionally healthy and into a good man one day.
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