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3 gestures of a husband who will love you forever
Surprise! It's not about roses or jewelry or hot dates or cruises. Lasting love is deeper than that. - photo by Gina Holt
You know your husband loves you now, but is this a man who will love you forever? After the kids have grown up and the two of you have retired will this man still love you? Luckily, you don't have to wait for years to pass to know the answer...there are a few gestures that'll give you the answer right now.

If your mister does these three small gestures today, you'll never need to doubt his love in the future:

1. He still looks at you the same way

Whether you have a few extra pounds from having his babies or have mascara running down your cheeks after finishing a sad book, a man who really loves you will still look at you in the same way he did when you first stole his heart. He doesnt see the sweats youve worn for a week because you have the flu or the scary haircut you came home with. A husband who will love you forever just sees you. He sees the girl he fell in love with and he believes you get more beautiful every day. Youll catch him staring at you for no reason, flashing a smile or a wink when you do notice his gaze. He cant get enough of your face and he loves staring into your eyes.

This will never change, no matter how many years pass.

2. He will let you have the last piece of pie

Hell also give you the last hot wing, the last of the milk for your breakfast or the last cookie for your lunch. Hell make sure you have the best spot for your sleeping bag when you pitch your tent to camp. Hell scoot over so can get comfy on the couch for movie night and then hell make the popcorn. Hell drive across town to get that one item you need right before the store closes on Saturday night and he wont complain. Hell eat the not-so-yummy dinner you made and thank you for it, truly grateful that you tried.

In short, hell notice the little things, do the little things and always share. These are lasting gestures of love that don't expire.

3. He believes in you and celebrates your talents and gifts

He is convinced youre the smartest, funniest, prettiest and most talented person hes ever known and he will tell you so. He'll be proud of you and just tickled he's the lucky one who won you over. A husband who will love you forever will encourage you to learn new things, be your best self and grow to be even more accomplished. Hell be enamored with your knowledge, creativity, skills and ideas. Hell stay up late just so he can hear about your new ideas for your home, your vacation or your work. Hell value and seek your opinions and your input when making decisions.

His love for you as a person will only get richer with age.

Bonus: He will want to be with you.

When a man loves his woman, hed rather be with her than anyone else, anywhere else. When hes at work, hell wish he was with you and when hes with you, hell wish for the time to never end. Hell want to come home from work. He will want to sit by you at dinner. Hell want to be wherever you are.

Each one of these little gestures are ways your husband tells you daily how much he loves you. They've become part of his daily ritual and won't change anytime soon.
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