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20 photos that show what parenting REALLY looks like
No Caption - photo by Mindy Raye Friedman
Weve all seen the perfect families on the front of parenting magazines, but those dont really reflect what parenting is like. Neither do those nice family photos you see hanging on peoples walls. Here are some photos that show what really goes on in a parent's life.

1. There is no privacy, not even in the bathroom

2. The kids cry a lot, often for no reason

3. There are some big messes

4. The parent is not allowed to have anything without someone begging for it

5. There's a fair share of multitasking

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6. Toys are everywhere

7. A human step stool is not out of the question

8. Beds are free game for everyone

9. Dinner battles galore

10. What having more than one child looks like

11. The toliet paper is always gone

12. Shopping with kids is loads of fun

13. Bath time is fun too

14. Sometimes the babies take off their diapers

15. What a parent's phone camera roll looks like

16. Diaper cream becomes a toy

17. There is a never-ending laundry pile

18. Parents get walked all overliterally

19. A childs face becomes a canvas

20. And even when going for a nice photo, it doesnt always work out
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