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19 signs you are an introvert (even if you don't think so)
These signs will help you determine once and for all if you're an introvert. - photo by Melinda Fox
There are a lot of misconceptions about introverts. Personally, I thought introverts were people who locked their bedroom doors so that they could pet their cat and watch Netflix for hours.

Turns out, that's far from the truth.

It also turns out that I am an introvert.

Here are 19 signs you might be an introvert too:

1. Small talk drains you

Introverts don't hate talking, but they do hate conversation that feels purposeless. Introverts are happy to skip the surface stuff like where you're from and get to the real meat of things like discussions about which book character would win in a battle.

2. You're pretty much bored never

If you can't remember the last time you were legitimately bored, chances are, you're probably an introvert. You don't need other people to have fun, you always can think of something great to do because you find good company in yourself. Even if you're doing absolutely nothing, your mind is always busy thinking thoughts.

3. You're crazy observant

Introverts have a tendency to be aware of things that other people miss. Because of this, you are an excellent judge of character and are good at really seeing people.

4. You've faked being sick

It's the only excuse extroverts will recognize as legitimate so sometimes honesty goes out the window.

5. Faking being sick has caused you to be sick

Maybe it's karma, maybe it's the stress of the potential social situation, either way, fake being sick has actually caused you to be sick.

6. You like to drive yourself places so you can leave early if necessary

Getting a ride would be great, but it can leave you stranded at a party which is the worst case scenario as far as parties go.

7. Sometimes you don't answer the phone

It can be hard to talk to people when you're not emotionally prepared to talk to people (even the people you love). Other times you just don't appreciate the intrusion into your personal thoughts. Introverts tend to screen calls (especially from unknown numbers).

8. People often ask you, "Why are you so quiet?"

That question is a nightmare; how are you supposed to respond to it? The other question you get asked a lot is, "Are you okay?" which can be equally frustrating because you were feeling okay up until the point that they asked you that and now you feel like you are socially handicapped.

Not saying anything doesn't mean you're mad. It just means you're listening and thinking and will contribute to the conversation when you have something valuable to share.

9. You wait to text back

You don't always want to be talking to people; you're doing things after all. Even if you don't text back immediately when someone messages you, when you do, it will be something thoughtful.

10. You're insanely close to some friends

For introverts, quality beats quantity every time. It can take a while for people to get into an introvert's inner circle but once there, that friend is bonded for life because introverts are very loyal and committed to the people they're close to.

11. You're better at writing than speaking

It's easier for you to convey your thoughts and feelings when you can write them down rather than when you have to speak them out loud. What happened to the art of letter writing anyways?

12. Someone else cancelling plans is a relief

Much of the time, when the event you promised to attend rolls around, you don't want any part in it. However, you know you can only cancel so many times before you don't have friends anymore. That's why when your friends cancel your plans; it's the best feeling ever.

13. What you say out loud carries weight

You don't like to say anything until you've evaluated it and know it's what you really mean.

14. You know what you like

It may surprise you to know that not everyone knows themselves too well. Introverts are pretty self-aware because they spend a lot of time evaluating their thoughts and feelings.

15. Realizing you have plans all weekend is a source of stress all week long

You keep going over your weekend plans in your mind and although they're all fun things, the anticipation doesn't bring you joy because you're booked solid. The thought of not having some time alone to recharge can cause a lot of anxiety for introverts and it's okay to need some "me time."

16. Headphones are your best weapon

Sometimes you need exactly zero people to talk to you. That's where headphones come in: the international sign for "approach at your own risk."

17. Your conversations are pre-planned

Because you are so observant you tend to know people really well, this means you can anticipate what they'll say in many situations. This skill comes in handy because oftentimes you need to prepare yourself for conversing with people by practicing it in your head.

18. You avoid making a phone call for weeks

When you actually make the phone call, it takes about two minutes and isn't that painful but the anticipation of talking to someone on the phone is so negative that you just write it on your To-Do list for 16 days in a row.

19. People think you're weird for going to the movies alone

You don't have a hard time doing things by yourself but that doesn't mean other people won't give you a hard time for it. For some reason, some people can't understand that being alone doesn't bother you (in fact, you definitely love it).
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