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16 signs he loves you (even if he doesn't say it out loud)
How do you know he loves you if he never says it? - photo by Melinda Fox
Many men have a hard time expressing their love. But just because they don't say "I love you" often, doesn't mean those words aren't true for them. It's possible that your man doesn't think he needs to tell you because he believes his actions speak louder than words.

Here are 16 actions that show he loves you, even if he doesn't always say it:

1. He helps you even when he's busy

He has to practice a presentation for work, work on the taxes and meet his brothers to plan their dad's birthday party, but he chooses to put a new tube in your bike so that you don't have to take the bus tomorrow.

2. He holds your hair when you throw up

There are few actions more loving than caring for someone who is barfing her guts out. If he takes care of you when you're a hot mess, he loves you.

3. He makes you feel beautiful

Even if he doesn't tell you you're beautiful constantly, you feel beautiful just being around him.

4. You are his priority

He puts you before everyone and everything else in his life.

5. He remembers things that are important to you

He doesn't forget about little details that matter to you, because if it's important to you, it's important to him.

6. He asks your opinion

When he's making a decision, he wants to know your thoughts because he values them.

7. He covers you with a blanket

Your man loves you if he tucks a blanket around you when you're cold. Little acts of service like this show that he wants you to be happy.

8. He says "we"

Even if it was him that got into medical school, he phrases his announcement with a "we" because he believes you are a vital part to his acceptance. He doesn't see himself anymore; he sees both of you.

9. He calls you first

Before anyone else, you're the person he wants to tell news to. If he calls you first, he loves you best.

10. He looks at you when you're not paying attention

If you catch his eyes on you when you aren't paying attention, he has some deep feelings for you.

11. He respects you

Your husband recognizes your individuality and respects you as person.

12. He's happy when you're happy

If he loves you, your emotions are going to affect his own. He can't be chipper when you're miserable, because he feels your pain.

13. He says "I'm sorry"

If he loves you, he's willing to admit his mistakes. If nothing else, he's sorry that he hurt you.

14. He's kind to your friends and family

A man's love will extend to people who are important to the woman he loves. He will try his best to always leave your friends and family with a good impression.

15. He tries to make you laugh

One of his favorite things is hearing you laugh, so he does whatever he can to coax out your giggles.

16. He makes plans

His future has you in it and he isn't shy about letting you know that. He'll set plans with you in mind.
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