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15 signs you're the best couple ever
Here's how to know if you're THAT couple everyone wishes they could be. - photo by Melinda Fox
Everyone has their favorite couples. Whether they are friends, celebrities or grandparents, there are people you look to who have amazing relationships you hope to one day have. Here are 15 ways you can know if your relationship measures up.

1. You can talk about everything

Not only can you talk about random, miniscule things that don't matter, but you are also comfortable talking about things that open your vulnerabilities.

2. You fight fair

Neither of you fight with the intent to hurt the other; you avoid things like name-calling and manipulation. Instead, when conflict arises, you discuss things, find solutions and make compromises.

3. You make goals together

The best couples are motivated to improve themselves and their relationships. For that reason, they make goals to help them focus on improvement.

4. You have each other's picture as your screen saver

In other words, you think about each other when you're apart mostly because you'd usually prefer not to be apart.

5. You feel secure

When one of you has feelings of jealousy, they're easy to shrug off because you feel secure in your relationship. You know your partner picked you and you can trust him or her.

6. You don't expect perfection

While you definitely help each other to be the best version of yourselves, you don't expect the best version to be without flaws because you recognize you're both a work in progress.

7. You are independent

Who you are in your relationship isn't everything about you. Each of you is a unique individual, fully capable of being on your own. However, you choose to be in a relationship because you value the union of two independent beings.

8. You complete each other

In so many ways, you are able to fill in your partner's rough edges and he or she can fill in yours. Things you struggle with come easy for your partner and vice versa. You are better together than you are alone.

9. You're a team

You and your partner are each other's support system, cheering each other on and willing to make sacrifices to help the other out.

10. You have rituals

Your relationship has traditions like Saturday night date night or saying, "I love you," first thing every morning. Whatever it is, your relationship has rituals the two of you can count on.

11. You're best friends

Not only are you crazy about each other romantically, but you are friends and all that comes with that: you have inside jokes, you like spending time doing whatever with each other and you care about what's important to the other.

12. You know how to apologize

When you mess up, you fess up and so does your partner. Even if you don't feel you did anything wrong, you are comfortable empathizing and trying to see the other side of the situation.

13. You stand up for each other

You aren't comfortable letting other people (or even yourself) talk badly about your partner. You are each other's advocates no matter what.

14. You don't avoid problems

Rather than sugar-coating or burying issues deep in the sand, you approach problems head on, making you stronger than you were before.

15. You know you are

At the end of the day, you just know you are in the best relationship imaginable.
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