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15 places in your house you should be cleaning, but probably aren't
Is your home actually as clean as you think it is? - photo by Stacie Simpson
You could be cleaning your home every week, but you might be missing these important 15 places:

Door knobs/locks

You touch these things all the time....and so does every single person who comes into your home. Along with potential bacteria growing on these surfaces, the oils form your hands can also provide a nasty build up.

To clean, use a disinfecting wipe or find out how to give it a good ecofriendly clean and polish here.

Trash cans

You should regularly clean out trash cans even if you have trash bag liners. Both indoor and outdoor trash can need to be washed out regularly. At least monthly (or even weekly!) wash out the can so no grossness can grow inside it.


All those little crevices around the buttons provided a perfect nest for the oil in your hands, (and maybe some pizza and popcorn grease too) and dust in the air to hide in. These surfaces can particularly bad if you also have an indoor pet. Clean these frequently with a disinfecting wipe.

Kitchen sponge

Cleaning dishes with your sponge means you are only spreading the bacteria around. Switch out sponges very often or wash your sponge in the dishwasher.

Hair brush

To give this beauty product a clean, just pulling off the hair isnt quite enough; A dirty hair brush equals greasier hair, so give your hairbrush a wash in some shampoo before using.


You hold your phone to your face, put in in your pocket, carry it with you everywhere (including the bathroom). You (and your kids) touch it all the time....and could be the reason for the breakouts on your face. Trust me it is gross and could be the cause of a breakout on your face.

Shower curtains

Shampoo and soap may help get you clean, but it isn't cleaning your curtains. Mold will grow on your shower curtain like it will grow on you bathroom wall if you arent careful. Follow the cleaning instructions printed on the tag and give your curtains a little wash.

Light switches

You turn them on and off without thinking about it, but dirt and dust stick to the oil your skin leaves behind. A moist disinfectant wipe works great to keep your light switches clean and grease-free.


Grab a microfiber rag and a bit of electronic safe cleaning spray and just wipe down your computer. Get in between the keys so you can really get all that dust and dirt off. If you want a more detailed explanation look here.

Washing machine

That thing you clean your clothes in needs to be cleaned too, inside and out! Its fairly simple: just add vinegar or bleach and baking soda as you run an empty load on your machine.

Toothbrush holders

Water collects down at the bottom of your toothbrush holder, and on the top and sides. In other words, your toothbrush holder is a perfect place for bacteria to grow and thrive.


Even if you have a cover for your duvet (and you should wash that cover as often as you wash your sheets) you still need to occasionally wash the duvet itself. Grab a few clean tennis balls and throw the balls in with the duvet to help keep it fluffy.

Reusable grocery bags

These bags are great for the environment, but they still need to be washed on a regular basis. You dont want to be stacking your groceries in a bag that is growing things now do you?

House walls and baseboards

You clean your floors (and you should clean your door knobs, locks and light switches), so why not your walls? Walls will collect oil and dirt (and the occasional layer of crayon if you have kids around). It might amaze you to find that the real color of your walls has been hidden under a layer of dust, dirt and oils.


These are used mostly for decoration, but still they need to be washed. Like most fabric, dust will collect on them, which is generally bad for everyones over all respiratory health. Wash them occasionally, but keep in mind that most curtains have to air dry.

A clean house equals a happy family, so dont forget this 15 often missed locations!
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