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13 things your wife wants from you (but won't say out loud)
Here's what your wife is secretly hoping you'll do. - photo by Melinda Fox
Your wife loves you, but in order to keep her love alive, she needs you to cultivate it. Here are some things your wife secretly wants from you:

1. Paint your nails

If she catches you playing dress up and tea with your daughters, her heart will melt into a ball of glue. It may cost your dignity, but its worth it.

2. Hold her hair when shes throwing up

If youre willing to stay close, even when shes barfing her guts out, theres no way she wont love you more.

3. Ask her opinion

There is nothing more amazing than being respected by someone who you love. If you seek her help in making decisions, she knows you respect her (and want her to be proud of you).

4. Open up

Real communication is the key to a great marriage, so really let her see you. Find time to have a nice long conversation with your love and really open about how you feel.

5. Watch 'The Bachelor'

She wants you set the DVR to "The Bachelor" because you genuinely don't want to miss an episode, or for you to be obsessed with every song by OneRepublic because shes a fan. When little things that are important to her become important to you, she feels important too.

6. Clean the toilet

A husband who cleans the toilet is a hottie. She'll see when you take initiative and love that you believe in equality in the relationship.

7. Tell her she's beautiful

When you realize that he's still attracted to you after he's seen you barf or had a mascara-streaming cry, she can't help but fall for you all over again.

8. Ask her out

Even though you're married, it doesn't mean you can't still woo her with a good old-fashioned date. Call her up and plan something special.

9. Hold her hand

Sure, she wants your kisses but even more, she wants to feel you close. See your wife grin from ear to ear when you sneakily grab her hand in the park or on the car ride home from the grocery store.

10. Tease her

When you don't take her too seriously, it's easier for her to not take herself too seriously as well.

11. Cook her dinner

All she wants after a long day is to come home and eat something delicious. Plus, we all know that food tastes better when someone else cooked your meal.

12. Be a gentleman

Woo your wife with kind words and open doors.

13. Tell her you love her

She needs to hear you say those words.

Your wife would never ask you for these things out loud, so surprise her by doing them without asking. You'll love how happy it makes your darling wife and how much she'll love you for being so romantic.
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