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13 gorgeous guest "book" ideas your wedding needs
Because a standard guest book is so traditional and shows mounds of personality, am I right? - photo by Emily Cummings
There are loads of ways to personalize your wedding. A quick search on the Internet certainly proves you can do almost anything from wisdom tooth engagement rings to Lego engagement pictures. While you may not be up for wearing a wedding ring with your partners DNA inside of it, having a unique guest book is a simple way to add personality. Several brides have done just that, making the regular blah guest book into something truly memorable. Wheres Waldo? Keep in touch with everyone from your wedding by having them sign in with their name and addresses in an address book. Add some personal touches with a typography cover or photos of the happy couple. Several vendors on Etsy have some unique designs that are worth taking a look at. Before "death do us part" Ever run short on ideas for your bucket list? Have your guests sign in with their name and a few ideas for the new couple for a life to-do list that doubles as a guest book. Win-win. Its Jenga time This idea is one thats gotten quite popular but for good reason. Guests can write quotes, tongue-in-cheek comments or bits of advice on Jenga pieces for the couple to read over while playing. Drop-top lovin' This frame lets you see all the actual pieces of advice your guests write throughout the night of your wedding. After the big party, hang it up in your home to always be reminded of who helped share your special day. Lets fiesta Through the night, have your guests sign names and write pieces of advice to put into your anniversary piata. One year after the big day, smash open the piata and read what your guests wrote! Oh, the places well go Have everyone at the reception sign a stack of postcards to mail to you later on in the year. Youll be able to receive memories from your reception you might have missed, all on the back of a cute and personalized card. Date nights for days Let your guests do the work for you when it comes to date night. Place a large jar with popsicle sticks (or strips of paper) in lieu of a guest book. At the end of the night, youll have dozens and dozens of great ideas to try out through the years. Snuggle up, darlings Any couple who is looking forward to picnics and cuddling should have their guests sign quilt squares to be made into a couples quilt.

Vintage love letters

Writing down a cute quote about love or tried and true advice is much more romantic when typed out on a typewriter. Frame your favorites and periodically switch them out for a guest book that doubles as home decor. Chop, chop! For the couple that loves to cook (or eat) a personalized cutting board makes and excellent gift and guest book. Have friends and family write a message on the back of the board for a stellar keepsake. Take that to the bank! If you and your partner are a fan of a specific board game, have guests sign the various pieces for a walk down memory lane every game night. A game like Monopoly has loads of pieces that would be great for wedding parties with a larger guest list. Finger flowers Let your guests sign their name by adding their fingerprint onto a canvas. You can asks your friends and family to create a bouquet of finger flowers or "finger leaves" on a tree with their prints. After the reception, frame the canvas for your future home. For the wanderlusters For the globetrotting couple, a globe for your guests to sign is the way to go. It will be something youll actually look at more than a traditional guest book (and it totally fits your personalities). As an added bonus, most of these gifts double as a present you give yourself at the end of your reception: a creative way to play Jenga or frame a piece of art your friends and family created.
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