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13 awkward things only sisters could get away with
If youre not sisters, you cant really do these things around anyone else. - photo by Emily Cummings
Sisters share a really special bond. Even if the two of you arent that close, you guys have been through everything together, and its worth staying on good terms with each other. After all, she has some serious blackmail pictures from your awkward years. Having a sister means you have someone to quarrel with, confide in and drag around when you need a plus one, but it also means changing a thing or two before doing any one of these 13 things in front of someone who isn't your sister:

Sharing changing rooms

Why wait until two rooms right next to each other are open? Nah, its way better to just share the same changing room. That way you can judge each others outfits without needing to wander down the hall to find each other.

Comparing bra sizes

She totally laughs at you when you ask to borrow her new bra.

Getting your phone out of your back pocket

Who else is going to text your crush back when both your hands are busy doing your hair? Shell also do a great job reading out every single emoji hes sent you. Your sister has no qualms about reaching into your back pocket and texting him for you, but you don't trust anyone else to do the same.

Shouting out nicknames

Did you think you could get away with calling your coworker Sasquatch when you find out her high heels are a half-size bigger than yours? You and your sister had better keep those nicknames between the two of you.

Borrowing any and all articles of clothing

Not even sports bras are off-limits. Its best to lock up anything you dont want her borrowing because the minute you go out of town, shell raid your closet.

Giving you the honest truth

My younger sister is slightly taller than me and doesnt let me forget it. Shell occasionally remind how I need to marry someone tall or (and I quote) my children will be hopeless. Its sort of endearing when she says it, but Id never let anyone else get away with the sort of brutality.

Taking ugly Snapchat photos

Heaven forbid you accidentally send that terribly ugly selfie to anyone other than your sister.

Random dancing

You most likely have a dance routine to go along with your favorite song. Oh, and you almost always put it on repeat and dance awkwardly until someone catches the both of you looking ridiculous.

Sending each other the good, bad and ugly

Only your sister could get away with sending you awkward family photos from your past. You may have forgotten the horrors of your braces and self-cut bangs, but your sister never will.

Keeping the bathroom door unlocked

Why should a bathroom break interrupt such good conversation?

Feeling her hairy legs If she hasnt shaved her legs in a while, your sister will make sure your hands get to feel just how prickly they are. Every. Single. Time.

Sneezing on each other

Im not even sure this is sister-excusable, but it doesnt stop my youngest sister from trying.

Reading into every detail together

The same conversation with anyone else doesnt mean you have to lay out every single excruciating detail. He had the radio on turns into What song was playing? Are you sure it wasnt the radio? Maybe he made a CD so that song HAD to be on when you got into the car How loud was the song? Did he want you to hear the lyrics?

Whatever shenanigans you get in to, at the end of the day, there is no one you would rather spend your time with than your sister.
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