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12 ways to make your wife feel completely beautiful
Women can be harsh on their own appearances. But you can remind your girl how beautiful she really is. - photo by Hannah Chudleigh
Women are constantly putting themselves down. It's common to hear laments about how much they weigh or how they wish their hair/skin color were different. Having a baby changes a body and time takes its toll. Women are constantly comparing themselves to other women, which can be discouraging.

Even though she thinks she's changed, you still think she's as beautiful as the day you met her. Here are 12 ways you can show your wife that no matter what, she is absolutely beautiful.

1. Do things outside together

Research shows the more time a woman spends outside, the healthier her relationship is with her body. Being outdoors releases endorphins and gets her away from all the negative body-image vibes of the media. The quiet time outside, away from other distractions, will definitely help her remember how naturally beautiful she is.

2. Praise her in public

Dropping a few compliments about her in front of coworkers, friends and neighbors is a way of telling the world you're proud to have a woman like her.

3. Tell her specific things you think are beautiful about her

Generic compliments could apply to any woman, but your girl is special. Whether it's her beautiful eyes, her soft hands or something else, specifics tell her you are paying attention to her and she is unique.

4. Tell her everything you love about her personality

Compliments about her looks are great, but true beauty is much deeper than that. If you want her to feel beautiful inside and out, then you need to recognize her character traits that make her who she is. What is it about her spirit that made you fall so madly in love with her? Was it her sense of humor, her calmness during tense times or her sassy wit? If you remind her of her great personality, she will remember how beautiful she is on the inside too.

5. Plan a special date night

To make your woman feel gorgeous, treat her like it. A special date night doesn't have to be expensive, but you should put thought into it. Show her she is worth your time and thoughtfulness.

6. Surprise her with kisses

It will do more than make her feel desirable: it will help her feel loved. She is beautiful enough to capture your attention and keep you falling in love with her day after day.

7. Let her sleep

Every woman feels more beautiful when she's well rested. According to the National Sleep Institute, women need more sleep than men. And, if she has kids, sleep is especially a luxury. Getting sleep can actually make her more physically beautiful tooregular sleep decreases eye wrinkles helps keep a healthy metabolism.

8. Be loyal

She will know she's beautiful when you have eyes for only her. Flirting with other women and watching pornography can make her feel like you only care about sexual pleasure and like she's not "hot" enough to be worth your whole heart. If you want your wife to feel beautiful, prove to her you are loyal and you appreciate her beauty more than anyone else's.

9. Encourage her talents

Her goals, talents and ambitions are all parts of who she is. In order to feel beautiful, she needs the chance to become the lovely, whole person God intended her to be. If she wants to pick up a new hobby, be supportive. Let her learn that new musical instrument, take that dance class and travel to that dream location. Go to her sports games, or at least watch the kids so she can go compete. Chances are you'll fall in love with her all over again as you see her beauty unfurl to its full potential.

10. Give her a gift certificate to a beauty salon

Sometimes it's nice for her to have some time to herself to refresh. She could get her hair cut, nails done or eyebrows waxed. If she isn't into hair or nails, you could get her a gift certificate to a spa, massage center or other location where she could be pampered.

11. Notice the good things she does

Positive encouragement goes so much further than criticism. If you notice the small things she doeswhen she helps a neighbor, when she did well at work, etc.she will begin to see all these good things in herself. Real beauty is kindness and love, and as you show her all the kindness she's done, she will realize what a beautiful life she has.

12. Dance with her

Whether it's ballroom lessons that you take together or an impromptu dance in the living room, dancing is a cute way to show her she is beautiful. You want to hold her close and treat her like a princess, and dancing is a classy way to tell her that she is absolutely gorgeous.
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