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12 signs you were totally made for each other
Would you describe your relationship as "meant to be" or "too good to be true"? Chances are, you two were totally made for each other. - photo by Emily Sanders
A wink and a smile. Birds and the sky. Shoes and socks. Peanut butter and jelly.

Lets face it. Some things are just made for each other.

When it comes to our own lives, we often call these made for each other relationships meant to be and too good to be true. They are what every person hopes to find someday. Have you found yours?

Here is a list of twelve signs you and your sweetheart were totally made for each other:

1. You laugh at the same stupid things.

Jokes with no punchline, singing off key, llamas, embarrassing moments You have started to forget what your own laugh sounds like because it is usually mixed with the sound of hers. You have about a billion inside jokes because you are always laughing together.

2. You finish each others sentences.

When you pause what you are saying to search for a word, he finds it. You have lost count of how many times you have both started to say the exact same thing at the exact same time. It really feels like you can read each others minds. Sometimes you even catch yourself wondering why you bother talking to each other in the first place. You already know what he is going to say.

3. Her problems feel like your own.

It is impossible to feel happy when your sweetheart is feeling sad. Empathy comes easily for you both because you seriously seem to feel what the other feels. Dealing with life struggles has been so much easier since you found each other. You go through every up and down together.

4. He makes you want to be a better person.

Both of you are constantly striving to improve yourselves. Not because of criticism or suggestions made; Simply being together makes you want to be a better person.

5. You are unbelievably similar.

There is nothing coincidental about it. The more you have gotten to know each other, the more you realize how weirdly similar you are. You like the same music, movies, sports, books and ice cream flavors. Even your beliefs, values, hopes and dreams match up. In fact, sometimes it has freaked you out. Like that time you found out she only eats the yellow and green Skittles, too? Yeah. That was uncanny.

6. His weaknesses are your strengths.

Even your differences match up. His weaknesses are your strengths, and your weaknesses are his strengths. You finally understand what people mean when they say, we complete each other. When you are nervous, he is calm. When he doesnt understand, you know the answer. You are constantly growing and learning from each other. Together, there is nothing you cannot do.

7. You try to make it work no matter what.

When the going gets rough, calling it quits is not an option. After a quarrel, both of you will do just about anything to make things. You will stick together through anything because you both know that together is where you belong.

8. You absolutely adore everything about each other.

Instead of finding little mannerisms annoying, you love each other for them. He finds it extremely endearing every time you hiccup before sneezing and is rarely able to resist stealing a kiss when he sees you absentmindedly twirling your hair. You adore the way he walks, talks and whistles when he is happy. And, man! That crooked smile gets you every time.

9.Being together just feels right.

You cant quite put your finger on it, but when she is by your side, things just feel right. Being together is easy and comfortable. It really feels like coming home.

10. You talk openly about everything.

There is no such thing as a secret in your relationship. You tell each other everything from how your day at work was to how you felt during the darkest moment of your life. There is a strong feeling of trust and respect between you. You can always depend on her to be a safe place where you know your thoughts and concerns will be listened to.

11. He is truly your best friend.

The only reason you havent made friendship bracelets is because you are not in second grade anymore. And, lets face it, best friends forever doesnt even do your relationship justice. You truly seem to be made for each other. There isnt a single person in this world that gets you quite like he does. You feel free to let out your nerdy and crazy side when he is around, knowing that he loves you for it.

12. Life would be so empty without her.

Even though you are perfectly capable of living without her, the thought of having to makes you feel sick to the stomach. Something huge would be missing from your life if she was not a part of it. Your sweetheart is your happy, your sad, your fun, your peace, your excitement, your heart your everything.

Now, if this list does not ring true for you, remember that many of the things mentioned above can be acquired over time. Just because this isnt your relationship at the moment, doesnt mean that it never will be. If you work on these things with your partner, little by little you will begin to make yourselves for each other.

For those of you who feel like this article described your relationship perfectly, consider yourselves incredibly blessed. You have found your too good to be true. And just like a lock and key, you and your sweetheart were totally made for each other.
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