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10 ways to be more adorable in your husband's eyes
There are ways to make him even happier that you are his forever. - photo by Gary and Joy Lundberg
He thought you were cute when he dated you. On your wedding day you were the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. You knew it because he could hardly keep his eyes off you. He even told you over and over how he adored you. And he still does ... especially if you do these things:

1. Take the time to look pretty

Putting on a bit of lipstick and blush only takes a few minutes, but it will brighten your face and his day. It lets him know, "Shes looking cute for me -- especially when its a stay-at-home day; he knows it's just for him. And yes, he will appreciate it. Maybe even strike a seductive pose and say, What do you think, honey? Hell melt.

2. Keep your hair looking clean and groomed

That doesnt mean he cant adore you with messed-up bed hair. But that works while youre in bed; not after. Going around all day with disarrayed, messy hair can be hard on the eyes. Liven it up with daily brushing to keep it radiant. According to New Health Guide, By brushing your hair properly you add life, shine and volume to your hair. For more tips on the value of brushing your hair, click here.

3. Wear cute clothes

... even around the house. A grubby robe or baggy sweat pants are comfy, and fine now and then; but wearing them all day every day can take a toll. Take the time to slip on a pair of cute jeans and a fun top. Make looking at you at home a pleasure for your husband. It will perk you up, too. Looking good always feels better. In an article about what men want women to wear, the author said, Unsurprisingly, all the men questioned had one thing in common their fondness for clothing that accentuates the female shape, lines which complement the contours of a womans frame, revealing to the eye a truly feminine form. No matter a woman's shape, flattering clothes can always be a self-esteem booster. And when you look and feel great, he will notice.

4. Accept his compliments

When he says you look cute, believe he means it, and accept it. He is far less particualar about your body flaws than you are. In the above-cited article it was reported that Women may see a tummy and thighs they wish were firmer, but a man will see a woman that hes crazy about! When your honey gives you a compliment, take it happily. Never bring up your flaws. Be grateful they dont matter to him.

5. Use your calm voice

A yelling wife is not adorable. It doesnt matter who shes yelling at him, the kids or a driver on the road its simply not attractive; nor is it effective. Yelling often fails to get the point across because emotions can overcome the message. They will also likely escalate the situation and their children's aggression, be it verbal or physical. This can apply to whomever you may be yelling at. It does not improve any relationship. If you want to be more adorable, use your calm voice; its much more inviting.

6. Be fun to be with

Plan some fun dates -- the kind you know you will both enjoy. Then thoroughly enjoy being with your honey. When he sees you laughing and enjoying the date, its a turn-on for him. He will love being with you. However, dont save the fun personality just for a date night. Have fun at home, too. Laugh at little blunders, chuckle over the comics with him, laugh at his jokes. Enjoy being with him and let it show.

7. Be a willing snuggler

Snuggle up to him when you watch a TV show together. Enjoy his tender touches. Kiss and hug at every opportunity. Dont let that part of your marriage grow cold. Be his lifetime lover-bunny. Its an adorable attribute.

8. Be a woman of faith

Men love women who have faith in God. It feels like a security blanket wrapped around their family. This is especially true of men who also believe in God. They want that spiritual comradery.

9. Be forgiving

Because everyone makes mistakes, it is important to realize how vital it is to be forgiving. If he forgets your birthday or to bring the milk home, be forgiving. He will adore you for it. If its a bigger infraction, he will likewise cherish you for your willingness to help him repent and change and be a better person.

10. Compliment and appreciate him

Just like you enjoy his compliments about you, be sure to give plenty to him. When you think he looks especially handsome, tell him. Express your gratitude for how hard he works for your family. Every expression of appreciation and every sincere compliment will endear you to him even more.

Keep these actions going your whole life through and the result will be a happy husband, a happy marriage and a happy YOU.
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