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10 TV couples who didn't work
Kristen Bell and Chris Lowell in Veronica Mars (2004) - photo by Amanda Taylor
TVLAND Nothing is more gratifying than two characters youre dying to see together make it official. All the tension pays off, the romance stops being a question mark and the two lovers get into the daily ins and outs of coupledom.

But they dont always actually work out that well. Maybe theyre too similar, maybe the chemistry only goes so far, maybe theyre just plain old gross together.

Though we may have rooted for them to get together, below is a list of TVs worst pairings.

Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass Gossip Girl

Yeah you heard me. They use an abuse each other repeatedly. They bring out a dark, manipulative and competitive nature in each other, and its horrible.

Rory Gilmore and Everyone Gilmore Girls

The big debate with the reboot is who is Rory going to end up with? Hopefully nobody. She is boring, and needs to figure out how not to be defined by either her mother or a significant other.

Anna Stern and Seth Cohen The O.C.

Tell me, am I dating the female me? Seth asks Ryan when he realizes his easy relationship with Anna might actually just be dull.

Kate Austen and James Sawyer Ford Lost

He basically teased and flirted with her an unflattered party until they were kidnapped together and she had no other options. Cute.

Buffy Summers and William the Bloody Pratt aka Spike Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Literally the only reason he didnt bite her was because he physically couldnt. So they took their aggression and hatred for each other and channeled it into a super weird relationship instead.

Quinn Fabray and Finn Hudson Glee

Captain of the football team and head cheerleader - a match made in McKinley High Heaven, right? Wrong. She was withholding, he was wandering. Rhyming names arent everything.

Veronica Mars and Stosh Piz Piznarki Veronica Mars

Lets let his insane name slide, and acknowledge that for most normal humans Piz would be a great choice. But Veronicas intensity never found its equal in the too-nice good guy.

Lindsay Weir and Nick Andopolis Freaks and Geeks

Despite his enthusiasm for her, Lindsay was never interested in the Zeppelin-obsessed giant in her new friend group. One-sided relationships are sad.

Annie Blackburn and Dale Cooper Twin Peaks

Agent Cooper, man of enthusiasm, open mindedness and a deep love of coffee, was ill-matched with the quiet, shy and kinda odd Annie. He shouldve been with a firecracker instead.

Joey Tribbiani and Rachel Greene Friends

Eventually the hot/dumb ones had to give it a go, apparently. The Joey and Rachel episodes feel like a strange fever dream and poor Joey shouldve known not to get involved in the mess that was Ross n Rachel.
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