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10 times Link from Zelda stole our hearts
Friday marks two special occasions the day the new Zelda game comes out, and the day Link is on Google Maps. - photo by Herb Scribner
Link apparently uses Google Maps to rescue Princess Zelda.

But don't take our word for it. If you use Google Maps in the next five days, you will find the elvish hero serving as the little peg that often appears in maps above.

Don't worry, you won't have to download any sort of update to get Link in your app just open up your browser and you'll find him sitting in the lower right-hand corner, Tech Times explained. Just click and drag him to whatever spot on the map you like, and Link will pull up any available Street View!

Google made this decision because "The Legend of Zelda" celebrated its 30th anniversary on Feb. 21 and the HD version of the video game series new game "Twilight Princess" debuted on Wii U Friday, according to The Verge.

This isnt the first time that Google Maps has honored video game characters. Theyve previously thrown "Pac-Man" and "Pokemon" characters and other Easter eggs into Maps, too, according to The Verge.

But Links appearance on Google Maps makes a lot of sense. After all, hes constantly on quests in "Hyrule," traveling back in time, seeking out princess and grabbing weaponry.

Link has been on so many quests during his lifetime that its hard to recount them all. So here are 10 of the best link moments from "The Legend of Zelda" games that totally won our hearts.

10. When Link said goodbye to Fi

This moment comes from "Skyward Sword," which has been celebrated for having a number of characters. One of those characters is the robotic ally Fi, who guides Link on his quests. Towards the end of the game, Fi must say goodbye to Link, and its one of the saddest moments in the game.

And by the end, when it's finally time to say goodbye, you might just feel yourself welling up, Vices Chris Schilling wrote. Admittedly, the music has much to do with that, a sparse, tear-jerking piano refrain of her theme striking up just as you're ready to bid her adieu.

9. When Link found that awesome underwater castle

One of Links best moments comes from when he discovers a castle underwater in "The Wind Waker," the first Zelda game on the GameCube system, Schilling wrote. Its especially heartwarming for viewers since Link finds his familiar sword under the water.

8. When Link overcame everything in Twilight Princess

At the time of the original "Twilight Princess," Links story had taken on a familiar form. He would be tasked with finding some magical objects that would eventually help him rescue someone in distress. It was a similar case in "Twilight Princess," until sorcerer Zant attacked him pre-emptively, stealing all the magical objects and turning Links world upside down.

What follows is a frantic charge through a thunderstorm, a lifeless imp clinging limply to your neck as you race through the night looking for help in a world that has few friendly faces. Theres no sage to guide you, no helpful fairy to point you on your way youre cold, youre cursed and your only friend is dying on your back, WhatCulture reported.

Link eventually overcomes the odds, but it didnt happen without seeing his entire world disappear in a blink of an eye.

What a hero.

7. When Link had some killer dance moves

The game "Majoras Mask" includes a lot of masks and clothing items that have different powers. One such mask is the Kamaro Mask, which, when worn, allows users to perform a dance.

Well leave it to Link to show his killer dance moves.

6. When Link escapes on a horse

In "Ocarina of Time," you learn a song that allows you to call a legendary horse from the stables. You eventually use the horse to race and beat another stable worker. Soon after, the person you beat, Ingo, tries to keep you in the stable.

Thankfully, you escape with your horses help in a moment of pure bliss.

That moment of pure freedom accumulates in this epic moment when Link rides Epona out of the stables and over the massive fence, MoviePilot explained. It really is quite epic.

5. When Link went back to the Temple of Time

"Zelda" fans loved the moment when two games came back together again. In "Twilight Princess," Link stabs his sword into a huge rock, opening a set of ancient looking doors. There doesnt appear to be anything on the other side. But once Link steps through, he finds himself in the "Temple of Time," a major place of scenery from the "Ocarina of Time" game, according to Movie Pilot.

4. When Link didnt care about anything and put his hand in a toilet

Theres a moment in the "Majoras Mask" game when a hand reaches out to Link and asks for paper in turn for rewards. The hand, though, comes from a medieval toilet, showing theres nowhere Link wont go to get things done.

3. When Link went on the ride of his life

Back in "Wind Waker," Link finds himself searching for his sister, whos been kidnapped and taken to a forbidden forest across the sea. A group of pirates work to bring him there, but the sea is too clouded and foggy for them to approach the land. So they catapult him to the forest.

Its amazing.

2. When he couldnt give someone a hug

In "Ocarina of Time," Link is outside of a dungeon when hes soon attacked by a number of Gorons that fall from the sky. Instead of attacking him, though, they ask for a big giant hug.

Link screams in fear and attempts to run away, but another one drops in front of him! He gets up and immediately continues running away, according to GameFaqs.

Needless to say, its hilarious.

1. When he saved Zelda

Its the classic moment. Link finally saving Zelda. Heres a live animation version it.

Sorry, we dont have any tissues.
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