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10 simple ways to be a better wife today
10 simple ways to be a better wife today - photo by Melinda Fox
It's easier than you think to become a better wife. Do these 10 small things to make big improvements in your marriage.

1. Watch sports

Take interest in something that's important to him -- watching sports with him, for example. Let something that he's into become important to you, even if it's just because that something is important to him.

2. Take care of yourself

Much like on an airplane, when you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you can help someone else (so you don't pass out due to lack of oxygen in the midst of helping them), you need to take care of some of your own needs in order to be better able to help your husband with his.

3. Let him have the bigger piece of cake

It's a small gesture (I mean, how much bigger is it really? Two bites?), but doing small things like this show that you care more about him than about yourself. Maybe you'll even let him have that last cookie, too.

4. Brag about him

Let your husband overhear you say something great about him. It feels good to hear someone you love say something great about you even when they don't have to.

5. Say "I'm sorry"

We all make mistakes and that's OK. It's also OK to admit when you make them. Sometimes your husband needs you to apologize.

6. Focus on his strengths

As humans, we all have weaknesses; and sometimes they can take center stage. Instead, try to turn your focus to his strengths. Better yet, vocalize them. Telling him what he's good at will not only make you a better wife, but will make him a better husband.

7. Don't bargain with intimacy

Your intimate relationship is something special. Don't cheapen it by using it as a way to control your husband.

8. Let go of expectations

When you come to expect him to make the bed every morning, not only are you frustrated if he doesn't do it, but you also appreciate it less when he does do it. A huge part of removing your expectations is not taking what he does for granted.

9. Identify his love language

Not everyone feels love in the same way. Find out how your husband best feels love. He might need to hear you say it, or maybe he responds better to physical touch. Learn your husband's love language so you can show him your love the way he really needs it.

10. Put him first

Your husband should come before your friends, parents and kids. Not only that, but he should know it. Make sure your husband knows that he is your top priority.
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