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'Tis the season to exercise kindness
Senior Moments
Rich DeLong is executive director of Station Exchange Senior Care. - photo by File photo

This is the season for all kinds of wonderful acts of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and, yes, even self-control. These are the fruit of the spirit and it is this time of year we see the spirit of Christ within us working more than any other time of year.

Hearts are softened and bitterness is exchanged for "betterness." People genuinely want to do better this time of year; and are even preparing for a new start with the New Year so close at hand. I recently experienced a very nice act of kindness from someone I don’t even know.

I was shopping at Kroger a few weeks ago; it was a Sunday. I know it was Sunday because I usually go to the "Y" for a workout after church. Then I go grocery shopping. I was wearing my workout shorts, which have no pockets, while shopping; so I placed my wallet in the shopping buggy as I ran through the store. I even reminded myself not to leave my wallet in the cart as I left the store. Now that I think back, that could have been a scene in "Finding Dory." You know; the movie with the fish that has the three-second memory — that’s me.

So off I drive while my wallet sits in a shopping cart in the Kroger parking lot. I didn’t even know until the next morning as I am getting ready for work. But miracles do happen. And I have always believed that there are more good people in this world than bad. And sure enough, when I called the store the next day, they had my wallet and all of the contents were intact.

Are you kidding me? That only happens in movies, right?

I never did find out who the kind and honest person was who brought my wallet in from the cold. But this event certainly reassures me that there are many good people out there living with the love of Christ in their hearts.

And this is just my story. Everyone has a similar tale in which they were blessed by a "Do-Gooder." In Grand Junction, Colorado, two days ago the local Lions Club gave Navy veteran Keith Pottratz a refurbished car so he could get to his job which is in the next town over.

Recently the students of Chocachatti Elementary School in Brooksville, Florida, devoted the week leading up to Thanksgiving to daily random acts of kindness. The goal was to teach students that being kind helps our society. The event also helped in their campaign against bullying, which has become a real social problem in our schools.

Jerina Edwards and her family were out eating supper at East China Buffet in Bixby, Oklahoma. When they finished they were told that someone had paid their check; they were "good to go." Instead of a check, the waitress handed her a note that read: "I lost my wife to cancer 5 yrs ago. I know how tough it can be going thru this. Your meal is on me. Merry Christmas."

Jerina has an aggressive form of breast cancer and has lost all of her hair from the chemotherapy. She has no idea who the man is who paid for their meals; but she posted the random act of kindness on Facebook as she was worried about the stranger being alone at Christmas. The man reached out to her the other night and they spoke on the phone.

What’s your story? ’Tis the season to pay it forward my friends.

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