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'The Switch' good; predictable
Showtime with Sasha
Jennifer Anniston and Jason Bateman in a scene from "The Switch." - photo by Miramax Films photo
Today’s topic of discussion is Jennifer Aniston’s latest chick flick.
Was it good? Was it bad? Could a man stomach this film? Can you bring your kids to see it?
Here’s my two cent’s worth.
“The Switch” is a new romantic comedy starring former “Friends” star Jennifer Anniston and Jason Bateman.
If you aren’t a Bateman fan yet, you need to get on board. He’s funny in every role he gets, even if it’s a serious one. He was delightful in “Juno,” even when he was being a jerk. Oh! Oh! Oh! But there was this dramatic political thriller called “State of Play” where Rachel McAdams and Russell Crowe played reporters investigating the murder of a congressman’s chippie. If you don’t know what a chippie is, I’ll have to tell you later.
Anyway, Bateman was a secret witness in that film and I’ve never seen him play a more bizarre role. Even amidst the tension and intrigue, I laughed at him.
But back to “The Switch.” The film follows a New York woman (Aniston) who wants to have a baby despite her glaring single status. Her best friend (Bateman) advises against it, but she decides to do it anyway.
At Aniston’s “getting pregnant” party, Bateman gets totally knackered and accidently dumps the er, umm, “sample” down the sink. He has no choice but to replace it with his own “sample.” He doesn’t even remember what he’s done until several years later when his best friend’s kid acts just like him.
Further complications? Bateman’s character is in love with Aniston’s character.
This is a fun film. It’s family friendly to an extent, considering the theme is artificial insemination. Your fella may doze off during a viewing, but I’m sure there are 10 chick flicks he’d hate more. In other words, gentlemen, it shouldn’t be physically painful.
Best thing about it? Patrick Wilson’s teeth. He’s Bateman’s romantic competition. Even his teeth say, “Choose me as your life mate.”
Worst thing about it? Very formulaic. But nearly all romantic comedies are.
So, guess what? I’m a fan.

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