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'The Other Guys' is worth watching
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Eva Mendes plays Will Ferrell's wife in "The Other Guys." - photo by Columbia Pictures photo
Last weekend at the box office, Will Ferrell’s “The Other Guys” and Steve Carrell’s “Dinner for Schmucks” duked it out in a comedy battle royale. Though Carrell’s latest film opened one weekend ahead of Ferrell’s, the head start afforded no benefit.
“The Other Guys” came in first at the box office on opening weekend, toppling “Inception” from its three-week reign as No. 1. “Schmucks” came in a distant fifth, trailing “The Other Guys,” “Inception,” “Step-Up 3d” and “Salt.” Carrell likely isn’t worried much about the minor setback, however, as his work in “Despicable Me” and “Date Night” has been widely applauded.
Our comedy showdown winner, “The Other Guys,” pokes fun at buddy movies as partners Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg try to take a bite out of crime.
The worst thing about the film is the type of crime that has been committed — some kind of financial scheme that I won’t pretend to understand. Don’t get me wrong; given our volatile economic climate, I’m sure the subject matter is timely. But if you have to run a graphic through the end credits to explain the crime to the audience, that probably isn’t a very good sign.
I also must note that Michael Keaton stars in “The Other Guys” as the police captain and I was thrilled to see him. The man usually has great comedic timing, but it’s a little off in this role. I’m not sure if he intentionally tinged the part with awkwardness but, either way, Hollywood, please include him more often. OK? He was priceless as Ken in “Toy Story 3.”
The best thing about “The Other Guys” is the chemistry between Ferrell and Wahlberg — not to mention the “bad cop, bad cop” scene. I haven’t laughed so hard in years. I don’t mind admitting it — I was kind of worried I might throw up.
Of course, when it comes to film, I find that you’re either a fan or you’re not.
How do I feel about “The Other Guys?”
I’m a fan. And I demand to see outtakes!
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