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'San Andreas': 3 points for parents
DWAYNE JOHNSON as Ray in the action thriller "SAN ANDREAS," a production of New Line Cinema and Village Roadshow Pictures, released by Warner Bros. Pictures. - photo by Shawn O'Neill
Information for parents about the film "San Andreas"

Violence/gore: Multiple earthquakes occur, one destroying the Hoover Dam and killing many people. A man is seen with a metal rod sticking through his foot. Many buildings fall, some hitting people. People are crushed by falling concrete. A gun is used to threaten a person. One punch is thrown. Individuals are killed by a cargo ship crashing into a bridge. A large piece of glass is lodged in a mans leg and is pulled out on screen. People are seen struggling for breath as water fills up a building. Natural events result in massive casualties.

Language: Some uses of profanity and one sexual innuendo.

Criminal activity: People are seen looting a mall. A man hotwires a truck.
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