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'Salmon Fishing...' is catch of the season
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salmonfishing still
Ewan McGregor (right) plays a fisheries expert who is asked to bring salmon fishing to a Middle Eastern desert in "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen." - photo by Studio photo

Today, I’d like to talk about salmon fishing.
That may sound like a totally random topic, but salmon fishing is at the center of an exciting new film in theaters called “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.”
The movie, which is based upon the award-winning 2006 novel by Paul Torday, begins with a wealthy Yemeni sheikh who is obsessed with fly fishing.
The visionary man puts his British financial consultant, Harriet (Emily Blunt of “The Devil Wears Prada” and “The Adjustment Bureau”), in charge of a massive project to import salmon to his property in the desert.
Harriet enlists fisheries expert Alfred (Ewan McGregor) for assistance, and he all but laughs in her face.
However, the British government, seeking a positive news story between itself and the Middle East, backs the project, and despite numerous problems, things start to develop.
Not only might salmon fishing actually be introduced to Yemen, but sparks start to fly between Harriet and Alfred, too.
Wow! This is an absolute gem of a movie. Blunt and McGregor have marvelous chemistry.
Everything is terrifically believable. The film is smart, timely, funny, inspiring and warm.
There’s nothing sappy or unoriginal here. If you see this film, you will leave happier than when you arrived.
There were all of six others in the theater with me on opening night, which means we will need word of mouth to spread the good news about this one. “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” did come out of the United Kingdom and will be less advertised here.
I’m a big fan! I hope to reel in the DVD very soon.

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