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Meet one of Sasha's heart-throbs in 'Breaking In'
Showtime with Sasha
The plots of the "Breaking In" series revolve around a group of computer hackers called in for top secret security work. - photo by Studio photo

“Breaking In” is a 30-minute comedy that made its debut in April. It airs Wednesdays after “American Idol” and follows Cam, an expert hacker who gets trapped into working for Contra Security, a firm that actually is hired to break past security for their clients in order to identify holes in their existing systems. Contra Security is run by Oz, played by Christian Slater.
Although the ads for “Breaking In” definitely looked funny, I wasn’t sold on tuning in until I recognized that actor Michael Rosenbaum is a cast member. Most folks remember him as Lex Luther from the CW’s “Smallville,” a show now in its final season.
In the new show, Rosenbaum plays Dutch, the self-important, larger-than-life boyfriend of Melanie, the hot safe-cracker (who also is the object of Cam’s affections).
Dutch is so insane that I worry he is better liked by audiences than Cam, the show’s star.
Also on the Contra Security team is actor Alphonso McAuley as Cash, the gadget guy. Cash is a huge fanboy, bringing his own brand of antics similar to those of the loveable nerds from “The Big Bang Theory.” He recently unveiled his homemade version of the “Star Wars” saga, where he played every part except Princess Leia.
Cash makes me laugh at loud at least twice in every episode while I just like looking at Dutch. (Tee hee.)
Slater has a small line of failed TV shows behind him, but I think he finally has landed a winner. “Breaking In” is like “Mission Impossible” meets “The Office.” As Oz, Slater may be a little too all-knowing, but I’m going to keep watching.
Why? Because I’m a fan!

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