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Mamas Family, Wonder Years episodes released on DVD this week
Thelma Harper Mamas Family
Vicki Lawrence stars as the irascible matriarch of a Southern-fried brood in "Mama's Family." A new DVD of six of Lawrence's favorite episodes is now in release. - photo by Chris Hicks
More of Vicki Lawrences favorite episodes of her vintage sitcom Mamas Family and the second season of The Wonder Years have been released this week on DVD.

Mamas Family: Mamas Favorites Season 4 (StarVista/DVD, 1987-86, six episodes). Carol Burnetts sidekick Vicki Lawrence stars in this broadly played sitcom, which was a spinoff of Burnetts classic variety series. Lawrence is made up as a blue-haired elderly matron, though she was in her early 30s when this series began. Lawrence picked out the six episodes here as favorites from the fourth season, and included is the famous visit to Jeopardy! with a surprise for host Alex Trebek.

The Wonder Years: Season Two (StarVista/DVD, 1988-89, four discs, 17 episodes, featurettes). This genre-bending, in some ways groundbreaking, sitcom is set during the 1960s, targeting baby boomers (back when we were considered a marketable audience). The focus is on Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage, with Daniel Stern providing his adult narrative voice) reminiscing about his formative years in suburbia. This season has Kevin in junior high as he joins protests against the Vietnam War and the razing of a local wooded area for a mall.

Cracked (BBC/DVD, 2013, two discs, seven episodes). Canadian police procedural about a seasoned detective (David Sutcliffe) who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and has a public meltdown. When hes diagnosed as cracked but not broken, the detective is transferred to a newly formed Psych Crimes unit and is partnered with a psychiatrist (Stephanie von Pfetten) but he doesnt know that shes also assigned to evaluate his performance.

The Story of Women and Art (Athena/DVD, 2014, three episodes; 12-page booklet). As the title suggests, this British documentary series is about female painters, many of whom had to struggle to gain training, much less commissions or acknowledgment by the art community. Art historian Amanda Vickery takes us on a historical journey to discuss paintings in the Dutch genre, French impressionism and up through American modern art.

Regular Show: Mordecai Pack (CN/Warner/DVD, 2011-14, 16 episodes). Last fall a collection of episodes centering on Rigby the raccoon was released and this collection highlights his pal Mordecai, a blue jay. The two work as park groundskeepers who create mischief in this surreal animated series that airs on the Cartoon Network cable channel.

Tyler Perrys Madeas Tough Love (Lionsgate/DVD, 2015, PG, featurette, storyboard). Tyler Perrys drag character, the blustery, bossy Madea, takes on animated form in this feature (64 minutes) that has her helping a band of unruly children save their youth center. Perry provides voices for the characters he has played in earlier, live-action movies: Madea, Uncle Joe and Brian.
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