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Have You Seen This? George Clooney apologizes for 'Batman & Robin'
In case you forgot, George Clooney once played Batman in a Batman movie. Also, in case you repressed it, the movie was horrendous. Well, George hasn't forgotten or repressed either of those things and he apologized for putting us all through it. - photo by John Clyde
LAND OF REGRET George Clooney has become one of the most respected actors in Hollywood today. The man has won two Oscars, starred in several films that were both critically acclaimed and huge box office juggernauts and he's made powerful and poignant films like "Good Night, and Good Luck" and "The Descendents."

With all of these accolades, however; it's hard to forget that Clooney also starred as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the 1997 disaster "Batman & Robin." Not many actors can save their career from such a nightmare like Clooney did, but most actors aren't Clooney.

While most of us chalk "Batman & Robin" up to an early career mistake, Clooney takes it personally and he even took the time to apologize to people about the film.

"I always apologize for 'Batman & Robin, Clooney told TV host Graham Norton on "The Graham Norton Show."

Clooney was promoting his new film "Tomorrowland," and was talking about attending ComicCon and soon the discussion turned to the doomed superhero flick from 1997. Clooney called the film a disaster and explained that at the time he thought it was a good career move. "It wasn't," he adds.

Watch Clooney chat about his turn as the Dark Knight and get a good chuckle and be thankful he knew it was time to hang up the cape and cowl.
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