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Have You Seen This? American stereotypes
What stereotypes do people outside of the United States assign to Americans? Well, this video gives us a pretty good idea. - photo by John Clyde

STEROTYPELAND Stereotypes can be a dangerous thing. What we may think is normal for other cultures or races may often be our own ignorance. Some stereotypes we know are just mean, hateful and untrue. But others may be from our lack of knowledge or what weve seen on TV or film.

We could go down a whole list of stereotypes of people from outside the United States, but do we know about the stereotypes that people from other countries assign to us?

In this video a number of people who are not from the United States are asked if they can distinguish between an American and another nationality and why Americans are different.

A few of the stereotypes Im sure some of us have heard before like, All Americans are fat, or they eat a lot of hamburgers. But a few of the answers surprised me and if I didnt have my fat-American skin I may have been more offended.

I will give it to the one Korean guy, however; because he was totally right with me, I never carry an umbrella. Seems like a lot of work.

Truth is we dont need to take offense to this video, but it should be an opportunity to educate ourselves and avoid stereotypes and just treat people as people. Also, maybe it will help us skip our trip to McDonalds today. And then take the stairs instead of the elevator at work. Maybe.
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