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Sound off for March 10

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As a resident of Richmond Hill in Bryan County, I wonder why the people of Georgia don’t seem to replace the electric plug in the shopping carts. By not doing so means the next user may deplete the battery when in the far reaches of the store. Is it due to sheer laziness or a total disregard of the needs of the next user? P.S., the users in Northern states most generally plug them back in.

We are blessed in our area by having so many natural wonders — the marshes, rivers, beaches and pine forests. But I’m wondering why we can’t have the businesses that Pooler has. Are they exclusive of one another,? Does development trump nature?

I’ve decided that when Donald Trump wins the presidency that I’m not going to move to Canada. I’m going to move to the Free State of Chatham County.

The traffic in Richmond Hill is so bad I’m considering selling my car. I would have already done it but there’s not public transportation here. I don’t understand how our leaders could let the roads get so bad and not give us any alternative to getting around. I’m afraid to hitchhike.

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